Obtain a lot of fun and adventure by attaining Tomorrowland Ticket.

Tomorrowland is recognized as the world’s largest festival which is known for dance and music. Bringing up a wide A-list line up of rock DJs from all across the music dance spectrum to the boom in Belgium each summer, the Tomorrowland festival adds a lot of fun & adventure. Whether you are into EDM, techno, hardstyle, house, or all the above, you will be bounded by the best things ever.

Featured in the implausible stage design, quirky surprises and production, it is easy to explore why the Tomorrowland’s tickets have been a sell out in the record time each year. Moreover, the festival is now considered as the Mecca for all the fans of music dance, which helps to immerse you in this legendary wonderland festival that is high up on the bucket list of every dance and music’s fan.

The Tomorrowland Ticket

The prices of Tomorrowland ticket completely depends on the things that you purchase. For a single day pass, the ticket price is $110 or €88 and the passes for Saturday sells-out quickly. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the Full Madness Tomorrowland, the pass is available for 3 days and the price is $272 or €225 for the Worldwide Pre-sale and for the worldwide sale, the passes are more expensive i.e. $340 or €281. Furthermore, one can buy a Tomorrowland ticket for only up to 4 people.

Either the Tomorrowland ticket is expensive but it totally worth. In spite of this, one can enjoy Tomorrowland Global Journey. It is high prices but adds more pleasure in your journey. The Global Journey includes the lodging and round trip airfare and the price for this journey is $2370 or €2000.


The Tomorrowland festival offers ‘n’ numbers of items that people love to purchase. A simple hat is much elegant and attractive. The cost of the hat is around $42 or €35 which is pretty steep. Moreover, the shirts start with those prices as well.

Drinking Charges 

Beer is the most proffered drink that is being served at the Tomorrowland festival. There are a plethora of options available in drinks which taste well and yummlicious. The drinks have different tickets. Some of the beer costs 1.5 tickets and €3 for a small, for large it is 2.5 tickets and €5. You can also enjoy Soda which has 1.5 tickets. These drinks ticket charges are the same from the last 3 years and they could be changed as well. The overall drinking charges will actually depend on the ‘how big drinker you are’. You can attain various food, beverages, drinks, and snacks at different ticket prices.

And, let’s assume you assume 5 drinks per day, and then there is a total of $54 or €45.

Total Prices for Tomorrowland Tickets

The estimated total of Tomorrowland Tickets $2,069 or €1,745.50 which includes the entrance ticket charges, food and drink charges, the cost for transport to the festival, cost of festival wear, Souvenirs charges, etc.

Final conclusion

The Tomorrowland festival offers you the most memorable experiences of your life. And the overall estimates ticket prices are completely worth it!


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