TikTok as a trending promotion tool

TikTok is a rapidly gaining popularity social network. Popularity is explained by the phenomenon of clip thinking and the growth of video content. Many entrepreneurs take TikTok’s capabilities into account when shaping their marketing strategy and interact with the audience through publishing the right content. Making use of TikTok as a promotional tool can greatly expand a businesses exposure. As TikTok videos have a variety of video genres driven by algorthims, finding your niche only requires consistent, quality content. Whether, you operate a beverage empire like PepsiCo, or focus operate a botique law firm like Fair Credit. Exploring the potential of Tiktok is not to be taken lightly. In this article, we will view the main possibilities and the first steps in the promotion.

Why is it profitable to advance in TikTok?

First, due to the powerful organic growth. Advertising investments don’t play a key role, but content, how long people watch your videos, and what involvement exists. In this case, promotion can be free. All large TikTok accounts received the bulk of their audience through algorithms of recommendations. Even if you have a small number of subscribers, you need to post a sufficient number of videos so the system will form a portrait of your target audience. In TikTok, paid tools for promotion are represented targeting the sale of goods and services. If your goal is commercial, then you should buy TikTok followers, advertise from bloggers, and use the budget for targeted advertising.

Second, TikTok has changed in terms of audience age. The largest segment of the audience is the age range of 25-34 years. More businessmen come to Tiktok and share important content. These are both minute masterclasses and hours of a live broadcast. For example, life hacks, recommendations, etc.

The third, TikTok has smaller competition, and now is the high time to declare yourself and develop your brand.

How to start promoting in TikTok?

To get started, you should choose one popular topic and a few related ones. You need to think about what pieces of knowledge might be of interest to your audience and create 100 different video headlines. If you formulate these topics in the format of an interview, everything will go much faster and more productive.
In the first stage, you need to post three videos a day. The algorithm needs to understand the audience segment that is interested in your videos. Then you can reduce content posting up to 1 video per day. Among a large number of videos, there will be several that TikTok begins to show in recommendations. Such videos will promote your profile. It is impossible to predict which video will be at the top. This is influenced by two factors: views duration and interaction. A person seeks to watch the video to the end due to the rich structure and the sharpness of the topic. It is important to encourage the activity of the audience with questions and calls to action.
During the promotion keep in mind that the sales process is more complicated. There is single-format video content with different duration, editing functions, and effects, but without the ability to diversify communication with the audience. One of the main key ways to make sales is to transfer persons to another platform.

Tiktok is suitable for long-term promotion. Now is the time to occupy a niche and get a loyal audience, subscribers, recognition, but from the point of view of sales, the result will be later.

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