The 101 In Giving CBD Oil For Dogs

Many people and healthcare professionals acknowledge CBD’s benefits in relieving anxiety and easing painful feelings. Even dogs and cats can consume products that are infused with the compound .

Dogs and cats have different characteristics, even though both of them are the most common domestic animals. Hence, it becomes the reason why giving CBD oil to canines is not the same as when we give the same product to cats.

This article will discuss the all-about ways of giving it to treat canines. We will start with the types of CBD products that are canine-specific.

Product Types For Canines

Canines can usually consume CBD oil directly. After all, these oil types often come in a small-sized pump bottle. However, there are also times when it is in the form of dog treats.

Unlike cats that are prone to prefer salmon and chicken CBD oil flavors, many dog breeds tend to go for natural flavors. Some products contain MCT (coconut) oil, which also falls into most canines’ preferences.

In general, the fewer ingredients of the product, the more likely the dogs can digest the oil. Natural flavor combinations with olive oil are also great when 100% pure oil is not possible.

Why Do We Need It For Dogs?

As an owner, we make our pet’s well-being a priority. This is why CBD for dogs has been booming in the market. Here are the benefits it can give for your four-legged buddies:

  • Dogs are generally so in tune with human feelings. It’s almost like they mirror everything we feel, including anxiety. Dogs can be aggressive when anxious. CBD oil can alleviate canines’ anxious feels.
  • As living beings, canines do feel thirsty. It affects their saliva productions, which can result in dry mouth. Cannabidiol products in their many forms can increase canines’ mouth moisture levels.
  • Sometimes, canines can fall sick out of the blue. People refer to this condition as a seizure. A clinical trial even proved that the compound has the potential to reduce dogs’ seizures by 89%.
  • Steatitic is an inflammation-related health condition that canines can experience. Decreased appetite, lethargy, and fever are three of the symptoms. So, giving some specific doses of cannabidiol every day means reducing the likelihood of steatitic.

The most important reason for needing CBD products for dogs is the first reason. After all, anxiety in dogs does not only cause constant panting and pacing. Other symptoms like shivering can also cause other diseases that require immediate attention from the owners.

Even so, the three other reasons are also crucial. Some other pivotal matters to consider are the optimum doses for canines and how we administer the compound to these furry friends. We will cover these two matters in the next part of this article.

How Do We Give CBD Oil Products To Our Canines?

Paying attention to the dosages is the most crucial thing to comprehend and apply. Here is where hounds and felines have a similarity.

1-2 mg of CBD oil every day is essential for every ten pounds of your pets’ weight. Each of these 1-2 mg daily doses can last for 4-8 hours, depending on your pets’ sizes, activity levels, and other health symptoms.

Even though many people praise its effectiveness, CBD still has side effects that can harm your dogs’ health for a long time. Hence, there are specific ways to give the product to dogs. Here are they:

  • Direct Manners: There are two ways you can treat your mutts or hounds with CBD oil products. First, you can use tablespoons to pour the oil and apply the product directly inside the dog’s mouth. Second, you can use droppers to insert the product into your hounds’ mouths.
  • Through Foods Or Treats: Mix the oil with the hounds’ foods and treats. In such cases, half the regular dose when you use this method. In particular, it becomes a pivotal step when it is the first time for your hounds to digest the compound.

In general, you need to wait around 30-45 minutes to witness the effects on your hounds. The first method has a faster waiting time to start working than the second.

There are times when your dogs have unusual conditions that require you to feed them more or fewer doses of CBD oil products than usual. In such cases, you may want to consider the side effects before treating your hounds with the product.

The Side Effects

CBD oil products for pets are still subject to various side effects no matter how effective these medications are . Here are what will happen when you do not give it appropriately to your hounds:

  • It can cause dry mouth for your hounds. After all, these health products can decrease saliva production. As a result, it can manifest in your hounds getting more thirsty each day.
  • While it’s true that it’s a magnificent antidote for pets’ stresses and anxieties, its calming effects can also be the boomerang. In such cases, it can lower blood pressure. Such a condition is not ideal when your pets’ blood pressures are already low.
  • The third also ties with the CBD’s calming effect. It is so calming that hounds can be prone to fall asleep when you give too many products with the compound in them.

On top of these three side effects, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved cannabidiol as the treatment for all domestic pets. So, there are not yet regulated doses for all pets, including for hounds.

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