Starting a Sports Betting Business? Things You Should Know

The sports betting industry has grown sporadically over the years into one of the most profitable industries to venture into, drawing the attention of investors and entrepreneurs. Research shows that the sports industry is currently worth up to $620 billion; the sports betting industry is responsible for a substantial part of this amount.

According to Bloomberg, as of 2019, the Online Gambling Market was valued at $53.7 billion and expected to increase at the rate of 11.5% per annum. The e-sports market was valued at $1.1 billion, expecting a substantial increase of 24.4% for the next seven years. The Gaming Market size was valued at around $97.8 billion, expecting remarkable growth in the subsequent years. The generation of revenue and profit is the reason for investments in the sports betting industry, with most investors mainly focused on providing online platforms and software for betting.

Aladar Kollar, a professional tipster said, „A sportfogadásokba való befektetés az egyik legjobb üzleti döntés, amelyet jelenleg meghozhatsz Magyarországon és Európa számos más országában. A befektetésed nem korlátozódik arra, hogy bukmékernek kell lenned. Futtathatsz egyebek mellett sportpodcastot, létrehozhatsz egy fogadási előrejelzési oldalt, mint a Soha nem volt jobb időszak arra, hogy bekapcsolódj ebbe az üzletbe, hiszen napról-napra többen vesznek részt a sportfogadásban.” Hangsúlyozta továbbá, hogy ”Elmúltak már azok az idők, amikor a hatóságokkal összeütközésbe kerültél azért, mert szerencsejáték tevékenységet biztosítottál, az új szabályok és jogszabályok gondoskodtak erről, és 2022-ben Európa szinte minden országában legális a sportfogadás. Az egyik alapvető dolog, amit minden sportfogadási vállalkozás indításán gondolkodó személynek meg kell tennie, hogy részletes kutatást végez a üzleti környezet vonatkozásában. Tekintsd meg valószínű versenytársaid és azt, hogy jelenleg mit kínálnak, majd dolgozd ki a megfelelő stratégiákat, amelyek segítenek túlélni ebben az üzleti környezetben. A legfontosabb, hogy regisztráld és legálisan végezd az üzleti tevékenységed az állam vagy a régió szabályai szerint. Nem érdemes összeütközésbe kerülni a hatóságokkal.”

Essential Things to Know Before Starting a Sports Betting Business

Looking to venture into the business of sports betting? Here are things you need to know:

  1. Learn the Basic Terms of Sports Betting

To be successful in sports betting as business, there are a number of terms and colloquial associated with betting that you need to know. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Action: The mechanism of making selections and placing bets.
  • Bettors: Also called punters, they are people who place bets.
  • Wager: Bets placed on a particular outcome, making a specific selection.
  • Bookmakers: These are institutions that vet and accept bets.
  • Buck: A $100 bet.
  • Live betting: Placing bets on live events.
  • Stake: The funds put on a specific outcome of a selection.
  • Underdog: The side with the higher chances of losing.
  • Favorite: The side with the higher chances of winning.
  • Ticket: Receipt issued to confirm a punter has placed a bet or pre-staked on an event.
  1. Understand the Types of Betting Options

Betting sites have various betting options for their customers because it helps bettors diversify bets and increase user engagement. Offering different bet types would allow bettors to figure out their betting style to leverage these opportunities. Some types of bets include;

  • Parley: It involves staking funds on two or more selections. In this case, for the bet to be profitable, bettors must win all selections made.
  • Straight bet: Bets that allow punters to bet on just a game
  • Outright: The concept revolves around bettors placing bets on a campaign or tournament outcome.
  • Over/Under: These bets involve users placing bets over or under a specific point, goal, or number.
  1. Study the Legality of Sports Betting in Your Country

Before taking sports betting as a business, aspiring investors should research whether sports betting is legal in the country of establishment or not; some countries allow betting but with certain restrictions and laws guiding betting processes. Some countries where you can legally bet on sports include; Brazil, Hungary, Canada, China, The United States (some states still forbid it), Nigeria, and most European countries.

  1. Prepare a Comprehensive Sports Betting Business Plan

Investors and business enthusiasts need to develop a concrete lay-up of the business’s formation, development, and management to start and be profitable in sports betting. Starting and maintaining the business has been made easier with the use of technology and betting software, but there’s still a need to create a working business plan as it will serve as a blueprint and guide for the business at all times.

  1. Create Goals and Specify Budget for Your Business

All businesses require capital to kickstart, but before dabbling into investing your funds, you should define your aims, objectives, blueprints, road maps, as well as the terms and conditions you would like to establish for your betting business.

Some establishments are into simulated reality betting, and some do general sports, while others are in the business of betting podcasts. Define your goals, and come up with a budget.

  1. Research and Choose Responsive Betting Platform Providers

User experience is critical in the betting business; users would like to experience no hitch while operating your website or app. Researching and choosing a reliable platform provider would enhance the ingenuousness of your business.

  1. Understand the Third Parties to be Involved in the Business

Before starting a sports betting business, you need to understand the other parties involved with the business. These parties include payment option providers, KYC providers, analytics, bloggers, and others. Understanding the use of the services provided by these third parties is crucial to starting a sports betting business.

  1. Apply and Get a Betting or Gambling License

To become a compliant betting business, you need to obtain a license to run your business without any external interference or hold down.

  1. Create Marketing Strategies

For any business to thrive, you need to put it in the public glare. Create strategies that will entice bettors, recruit pundits to give analysis, create welcome bonuses and redeemable prices to improve the business. This will win you many new customers now and then.


Just like it is with every other business, starting a sports betting business requires a lot of research and efforts. There is a lot to understand, and there is a need to develop a working business strategy. The steps provided above can help you with your plans if you are willing to follow the tips closely. We wish you all the best with your business plans.

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