Sonia Isaza Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On September 24th, Sonia Isaza took birth in Pereira, a city in Colombia. This shows that her zodiac sign is Libra, and her nationality is Colombian. She is recognized for her illustrious career as a fitness model as well as an Instagram sensation.

Educational Background

After completing matriculation from a hometown school, Sonia has focused on her career as a fitness model and financially looks after herself. Hence, she decided not to enroll herself in any university or college.

Family And Early Life

Her parents brought her up, and Sonia has spent almost all of her childhood in Colombia. However, she does not like to share much info relating to the whereabouts of her parents or her siblings, and hence it is often believed that she was the only child of her family. From her very tender age, Sonia became inclined to body fitness and sports. She already made herself a well-toned muscular body even before completing her high school studies and became a famous student. She started to join the gym later after passing out from school.  From a young age, she looks attractive because she works out daily without fail. She will mainly focus on her studies, but at the same time, she will go to the gym in her free time. Her parents will be very supportive and encourage her to achieve her dream. Sonia has yet to share more information about her personal life and members.  

Sonia Isaza career as a fitness model

Sonia started going to the gym at the age of 22 years because the girls’ pictures inspired her in Colombian fitness magazines. At the time, she did not know much more about the exercise; then she decided to hire a coach. Then she could see her first physique change in her body, and after that, she exercised harder; it took more than two years to sculpt her body as per needs. After that, she created her Instagram account and started posting more exercise pictures daily, which helped her become a fitness model. Later, the famous modeling scout invited Sonia for her first photo shoot for the cover page of the fitness magazine. Sonia signed up with a famous modeling agency, and after that, she appeared in many fitness magazines and as a model for many well-known brands and companies. After that, she moved to California and entered competitions, and now Sonia is one of the best fitness model.

Diet And Sonia’s Training

Sonia is in love with her glutes and, hence, mainly exercises on her glutes, and her most favorite one is machine smith squats. Sonia likes to use machines while doing her exercises, where most other fitness models do not. Sonia thinks that usage of machines lowers the stress which আচ্চুমুলাতেস on her lower back and hence helps her to craft her glutes even more. Talking about her diet, Sonia always loves to eat healthily, and she does not allow any sugar in her body and always takes notes on her calories with eating. She mainly eats food that is rich in healthy proteins and fibers. She generally has five to six meals every day and enjoys one cheat meal in a week.

Personal Life

Sonia is a secretive person and hence does not share much about her personal life. Nothing is known about her love life or her boyfriends. According to a rumor spread far back in 2016, she is dating a famous bodybuilder, as the couple met for the first time in a bodybuilding competition and a relation of friendship after they met a couple of times. However, after a few months of a relationship, they decided to part away and never given a long-distance relationship a chance. Currently, she is into another rumor, again related to her dating a man, and with him, she works out daily at a hometown gym, but Sonia has not confirmed it to the media as of yet. But if judge by her social media, it seems that she is single.

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Net Worth And Appearance

Sonia is now a woman of 31. She possesses long brown colored hair and eyes. Her height and weight are respectively 160cm and 54kgs. His net worth is somewhat around 400,000 US dollars.

Interests and hobbies of Sonia Isaza

Sonia will use to focus mainly on her training session in the gym; apart from that, she has been interested in many things. Her main hobby is traveling, and she has traveled to many countries, such as Asia, Australia, and Europe, with her family members. She also went to some body-building competitions. Sonia is an animal lover and she has a dog with her. She will frequently use the farm near her house and spends more time with the animals on the farm. She likes to watch movies and television shows in her free time, and also she is trying to get the opportunity to films and television series, but till now, she has yet to get any chance. Sonia likes to go to the beach in the summertime; her favorite color is black and green. Usually, Sonia follows a strict diet, and she will not eat more calories; she prefers to eat healthy balanced food, and mainly, she will try to avoid oily foods and white sugar. Sonia loves to read books, and she likes to go shopping with her mother and friends and take more selfies.    

Social media presence of Sonia Isaza

Sonia is very active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, which is very important for her career, and she has built herself as an internet personality. In April 2015, she created her Twitter account; now, she has more than 100 000 followers and has tweeted more than 4,500 times. She has earned more than 3.5 million followers on her official Instagram account and will sue to upload more of her pictures and workout videos. She has uploaded more than 5 000 pictures to it. Sonia has more than 130,000 followers on her Facebook account and will post more of her pictures on it.

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