Renee Wyatt Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

It is estimated that Renee is born somewhat in the later 1960s, as the exact date of birth is unspecified. However, her birthplace is Colorado in the United States and hence she holds American Nationality. She is a known personality for TV reality shows and she is also very enthusiastic regarding Caucasian guns. For the TV reality series broadcasted through Discovery Channel, named “American Guns”, she acquired world-wide fame as she played an important part in it. The show also involved other Wyatt’s family members. That was the show that had given her all the fame that she enjoys to date. After that, her career seems to be off, since the year 2011.

Childhood Days And Life As A Student

It is assumed that she was raised as a single child with no siblings in Colorado, her hometown. Nothing is known of her parents, neither their names nor their professional fields. The media and the gossip magazines are completely kept in deep darkness regarding her childhood days, interests, and other such stuff, as she preferred never really to talk about it publicly. But her fans dig it out that she had been enthusiastic about guns and shooting and besides her acting career she also makes a profession out of her passion. From the very little known of her education, it is known as she studied from a hometown school and completed her matriculation probably in the late 80s. It is guessed since she spoke about it, that she may not possess a college or university degree.

Wyatt’s Career

In the 1980s, the shop named GunsmokeGuns was established by Rich Wyatt, who was Renee Wyatt’s future husband at that time. The shop business went booming for three decades or so and around the mid-2000s, Rich and Renee decided to marry each other. He made her wife the co-owner of the business and also an active member of all staff along with his two songs from his earlier marriage —Paige (Associate of sales) and Kurt (instructor of firearms, associate of sales). Around the year 2010, the business was really enjoying its peak hours. And then, something even greater happened. Somehow, the Discovery Channel noticed them and wanted them for their TV reality series. Named “American Guns”, the show in no time became a huge success bringing huge fame for the Wyatt family too. The reality show showed how guns are made, the various processes and precisions required after a client has ordered one. Alongside that, the show also showed various other weapons and talked about those in detail fulfilling the interests of the audience regarding various kinds of weapons.

Renee Wyatt: The prosecution and the defence

Despite Renee’s innocence, in 2016, Wyatt was arrested on 13 counts by a federal grand jury for illegally selling weapons via a straw licence and failing to disclose over $1 million in personal income between 2009 and 2012. This effectively put an end to Renee’s career. The charge that he had submitted a fraudulent tax return was also included in the indictment against him. After two days, he was brought into detention on accusations of committing tax evasion and trafficking in firearms. In the end, he was granted permission to post an unsecured bail bond in the amount of $25,000 and was sent to wait for trial.

In March 2017, a jury found him guilty of all ten tax fraud and evasion charges, and they handed down their verdict. It was also discovered that he had illegally smuggled firearms into the country. It does not seem good for Rich Wyatt’s future, what with his conviction and the consequent sentence of six and a half years in jail, not to mention any order for re-restitution of taxes, fines, or other fees.

Personal and relationship details of Renee Wyatt

Renee and Rich’s marriage will remain a mystery to viewers. Renee had a previous marriage that ended in divorce, and she and her first husband, with whom she had two children who are now adults, most certainly spent at least five years together before divorcing. Renee and Rich have two children: Brooke, who was born in 2006, and Ginger, who was born in 2009. They have not yet discussed having children in a public forum, and Rich’s present legal difficulties will likely affect their relationship. Despite this, they are still considering having children in the future.

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The physical appearance of Renee Wyatt

Renee is around 5 feet, 3 inches (162 cm) and approximately 114 pounds (52 kilogrammes). Nobody knows her precise dimensions, so no one knows what size dresses, clothing, or shoes she wears, despite the fact that her figure is often described as being curvaceous. She has short hair that has been dyed a light blond colour, eyes that are a dark blue, and skin that is mostly brilliant and mellow tan.

Get to meet Renee Wyatt on social media

Renee, who used to be famous, could always capitalise on her prior status to start a new business. If that is the case, she will do well to build an even greater following in the future. She might do this by engaging in frequent online exchanges with her fans, during which she may disclose key insights about her personal life and work. If this is the case, she would do well to create an even larger following. Although Renee appears to be aware of this fact, she is reticent to take part in the activity in its entirety. You’ll only be able to discover her on one of the three most popular social media sites if she’s even mildly active there. She has over 35,000 fans on Facebook and just under 3,000 followers on Twitter, but she doesn’t have any followers on Instagram.

Appearance And Net Worth

Wyatt has hair of light blonde color with dark blue eyes. Her height and weight respectively are 5ft 3ins (1.62m) and 114lbs (52kgs), while are vital statistics are not known. According to sources, Renee Wyatt and her family have acquired a net worth of around 10 million US dollars.

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