Remembering Samantha Lewes: A Life Cut Short

Susan Jane Dillingham, who is now remembered as Samantha Lewes, is an American performer and writer who is perhaps best known as the former spouse of award-winning performer Tom Hanks. However, her untimely death made Tom exchange vows with Rita Wilson.

Samantha’s Early Life And Career:

Samantha was born in San Diego, California. The writer’s birthday falls on November 29, 1952.

The American performer was the daughter of Vassar College professor Richard Dillingham and Harriet Hall Dillingham. 

Samantha began her career as a performer in the late 1970s by appearing in multiple films and TV shows. However, the performer struggled to get the spotlight in the entertainment industry. Hence, the performer eventually shifted her focus to writing.

Marriage To Tom Hanks:

Samantha met her spouse on the set of the TV sitcom in which Tom starred. The duo began dating in 1980. The performers exchanged vows on January 24, 1981. Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes had a loving and supportive marriage that endured through both the joys and struggles of life. 

The American duo had two children together. Colin and Elizabeth were their kids. The performer’s marriage was reportedly a happy one, with Tom often describing Samantha as his first and only true love. 

In interviews, the American performer has credited Samantha with being a grounding force in his life during his initial period in the entertainment industry. 

The writer was reportedly very supportive of Tom’s career, and the two often performed together on film projects, with Samantha serving as a script supervisor on several of Tom’s films.

Samantha’s Struggles In The Entertainment Industry:

Samantha was a competent, talented, and hardworking individual who faced many challenges. However, the writer remained committed to her craft and persevered in the face of adversity. 

Though Samantha walked down the aisle with a top performer, she struggled to get recognized as an actress. Samantha’s work as a performer was primarily limited to small, supporting roles. 

Despite her talent, the writer found it difficult to break through and establish herself as a leading performer. It appears to be a standard issue that many performers face, notably in a highly competitive industry. 

Samantha continued to perform in the entertainment industry as a script supervisor for multiple TV shows and movies, some of which starred her spouse.

Battle With Cancer And Untimely Death:

In 1985, the American writer was diagnosed with bone cancer and underwent treatment for the disease. Samantha fought bravely against the illness but unfortunately succumbed to it on March 12, 2002. 

The performer’s death left a profound impact on her family and friends. Samantha was deeply missed by all who knew her.

The Legacy:

Samantha will be remembered as a competent performer and writer who left an indelible mark on those who knew her. Despite her struggles in the entertainment industry, Samantha’s contributions should not be overlooked, and her memory should be honored for years to come. 

The writer’s legacy lives on through her babies, her writing, and the memories of those who knew and loved her.

Furthermore, the writer played an important role in Tom’s early career and personal life, and her untimely death was a devastating loss for both him and their family. 

Despite the challenges the duo faced, their wedding was a testament to the power of love and the strength of the human spirit.

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