PDFBear: The Best Tool for Adding Watermark to PDF Files

Why should you add a watermark? And how to add such in your files? These questions are common when talking about those images or text placed atop a document or file. This article will discuss the answer to such questions. Furthermore, you will learn the best way to add a watermark to your document.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to easily add watermarks to your PDF files. And we’ll also introduce you to PDFBear, which is the best tool for you to use in this task. So, keep reading to find out more.

What does a watermark mean?

Watermarking is not a new process, and it existed centuries ago. People had a very different way to add watermark to pdf during the old times; the process occurred while the paper was wet. Moreover, the watermark is only visible once the paper is held up to the light or wet.

In the current times, the watermarking process is primarily digital. It could be a logo, an image, or text atop a document or another image. There are two main reasons for using a watermark.

1.   To declare ownership

Plagiarism and content theft have also evolved and found their way in the digital era and platform. These problems emerged because of the convenience of file sharing, copy and paste feature, and download using the internet.

For these reasons adding a watermark to your digital files will declare ownership and tell people accessing the file who is the rightful owner of any idea or image included in the document. By far, this is the best way to protect your content from the risks posed by online accessibility. It is like putting your signature without you writing it.

2.   To avoid unauthorized use of file

Watermark is a simple tool to apply but serves an essential purpose. It promotes protection on the part of the owner and also to those accessing a particular document. It prevents people from utilizing your electronic or digital files without their consent. Moreover, it makes alteration or any editing on your file difficult.

People accessing the file will know who is the rightful owner of data or information they are reading, making proper referencing or citation when necessary. After all, unauthorized use, content theft, and plagiarism are all punishable by law.

Add Watermark Using PDFBear

How can you add a watermark?

Follow these four steps and watermark your documents quickly.

  1. Type in PDFBear on your browser. Once you land on the page, click the “All Tools” icon and select “Add Watermark.”
  2. Select or drag your PDF file. Once done uploading, type the text you want to use as a watermark.
  3. Choose the position where you want it to appear on the document.
  4. Apply the changes you need, and the file will be ready in a few minutes.

Once done, download the PDF document with your watermark. You may also share it via email or using a link.

Some tips on using watermark:

  1. Select a particular position to put your watermark on your files. You can place it at the center, but make sure that the background is smooth or solid. If not, chances are others can remove it quickly. 
  2. Another reminder is never to put the watermark around the page because others can easily remove or crop it.
  3. One more trick is to use big watermarks. It is an effective way to cause damage to the document once someone tries to remove them. It is recommended to use a watermark that covers at least 30 percent of the page.

Why is PDFBear the best way to add a watermark?

These are a few reasons PDFBear is the best tool to use for adding a watermark to your document.

1.   PDFBear’s Cloud Technology

This technology permits users to keep their documents and files without utilizing their client-side processing power. It provides saving storage space and processing time on devices.

2.   Access from any device

Users can use this tool from any device as long as they are connected to the internet. Access the add watermark tool and all the utilities offered by PDFBear.

3.   Support all systems and Compatibility

By using PDFBear, you can add a watermark to your document whatever device you are using. At the same time, you can access it through any browser that you have.

4.   Security

PDFBear protects your file with 256-bit encryption technology. Through this, you are given the highest level of security by PDFBear.

In A Nutshell

Any idea or image you create is a product of your hard work, creativity, and intelligence. You invest your time, knowledge, and sometimes even your resources. That is why it’s essential to protect your file from unauthorized sharing, use, and improper or wrong citations or credits. A watermark is very helpful in declaring ownership and preventing unauthorized use of works. PDFBear is here to help you mark your files.

You can easily add a watermark using this tool. It’s free, fast and reliable. So, next time you need a watermark, open PDFBear and let it do the task for you!

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