Miami highlights

Miami is one of the main hubs and leaders in financial activities, commercial relations, cultural practices, artistic ventures, and international trade. Extensively considered as one of the biggest cities in the United States. Miami is popular for being the biggest city with people of Cuban descent, thereby making it nicknamed the Capital of Latin America.

Miami is surrounded by both The Everglades and The Biscayne Bay. The city’s climate is considerably warm and mild all year round.

Historic downtown Miami

Historically, downtown Miami is the heartbeat of Miami city. The city is deemed as one of the oldest and most ancient places in the city. The place was first settled in, in the course of the nineteenth century. Popularly recognized for its non-rural growth and expansion, Downtown Miami started changing to a more enlightened location in the 1890s with the creation of the Florida East Coast Railway by Standard Oil industrialist, Henry Flagler.

Downtown Miami is characterized by some of the major roads named after the city’s earliest developers, such as Flagler street, Julia Tuttle Causeway, Biscayne Bay crossing, Edgewater, etc.

Otherwise known as Greater Downtown, this part of the city is also identified by the Central Business District, encompassing majority of the historical buildings in the area. Brickell is a neighborhood that is located at the south of Miami River. There is the Arts & Entertainment District, Park West District, and the Miami Jewelry District.

Downtown Miami is home to many infrastructures including Public and private schools, parks, cultural institutions, Skyscrapers for residential and offices, etc.

Exotic hotels Miami

Being one of the tourist cities in the United States, Miami is known for having some of the finest and exotic hotels. As a visitor, here some of the exotic hotels in Miami you may want to visit are:

Executive Airport Hotel

This hotel is known for offering a distinct and passionate vacation from the hustle and bustle of working hours.

Executive Tropic Garden Hotel

This is an amazing hotel that offers a serene and gorgeous environment to relax. It is a nice place with splendid services to make your stay dope

Hotel Presidente

Located in Hialeah, this cool hotel is a nice option to consider for visitors as it offers a modern environment that matches everyone’s taste.

La Fuente Motel

This is considerably cheaper but offers romantic-themed services for visitors and tourists alike.

Executive Grand Emperor Hotel

This is one of the nicest hotels to find around as a visitor. The hotel offers contemporary luxury furnished with stylish mood lighting to satisfy visitors.

Other exotic hotels to find around in Miami are Mansion Motel, El Paraiso Motel, Miami Executive Hotel, Executive Palace Hotel, etc.

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Note that, following the successful application of the ESTA, the authorized ESTA status will be sent to the applicant visitor by email.

Miami boardwalk attractions

Miami is home to many things. One of which is the Miami Beach boardwalk. It has parks, green spaces, beach walks, and bay walks that run along the oceanfront.

The Miami Boardwalk is connected to Classic Miami Beach, which is characterized by having some of the historical structures, such as the Fountainbleau and Eden Roc including the likes of Faena District and other Miami’s leading oceanfront hotels.

What to do in Miami on a rainy day.

Miami is known for many interesting activities. During raining season or when it rains in Miami, there are certain activities one can do to enjoy his or her stay in the city. Some of which include:

  • Go for some Shopping at Lincoln Road Mall.
  • Have a drink
  • Visit Miami’s nicest restaurants and treat yourself
  • Tour a Museum.
  • Check-in a Cinema and watch a cool movie.
  • Go for a Self-Guided Brewery Tour in Wynwood.
  • Look out for Retro at Arcade Odyssey.
  • Visit and spend at least a day in Little Havana.

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