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From IT, furniture and archives, you need to plan the transport of production machines, which often turn out to be heavy and imposing. What are the points of vigilance to be observed to successfully move your production equipment and industrial machines? The Moving companies advise you in the preparations for the relocation of a unit in the specific sector of the industry.

These are precise, delicate operations that require organization and security. On the other hand, the handling of heavy masses, the handling of machine tools, the implementation of lifting operations by crane or other techniques require very specific qualifications and the taking of guarantees.

Moving industrial machines: a sensitive operation for the company

Robots and machine tools are ubiquitous in the industry today. Over time, mechanization and robotization have continued to develop in production plants. These are often heavy and imposing pieces of equipment that require specific equipment to move and load them.

But with the development of Industry 4.0, these are also fragile and connected machines requiring special precautions in handling. Especially since these machines are expensive and essential in manufacturing products, you must therefore attach particular importance to their transfer from one site to another in the event of relocation of activity.

For the transfer of an industrial company, you must be attentive to the means implemented by the moving company and the organization of operations.

The importance of organization and logistics

To get back to your production capacity as quickly as possible, it is in your best interest to waste as little time as possible when transferring from one site to another. Planning of operations is therefore of particular importance. To move, choose the year when your activity is reduced, Poseidon Marine ideally during the holidays if you close the factory.

As soon as your new premises are available, you must anticipate the location of the machines as much as possible, taking into account their volume and access to the site. Before moving, you must also check that each of them will find its place in the new premises while respecting your production chain.

The question of means of handling and transport

The size and weight of the industrial machines to be transferred must be specified in your specifications to facilitate the organization of their loading and transport. Hovair Systems is best to provide facility to transport the heavy machines.

Various materials have to be moved on construction sites, both those that come from outside the construction site and those produced inside.

For example, the construction must be allowed to “increase height”. Therefore, it must be ensured that the various construction materials can be transported to a height with minimum effort and without risk for the workers.

Construction site: lifting machines

The lifting of the loads is essential for the conduct of some jobs; in handling materials, lifting is distinguished by the prevalence of the vertical movement compared to the horizontal one.

The machines for vertical lifting of loads can be of continuous action, in which the movement of materials occurs continuously (for example, conveyor belts). The discontinuous action operates for production cycles (for example, cranes, where each cycle consists of slinging the load, lifting the load, moving the trolley, rotating the arm, lowering the load, and unhinging the load.

Cranes and mobile cranes

The revolving cranes can be of different types:

– rotating arm cranes: the whole of the control cabin and the winches rotates on a platform, and a cantilevered frame structure acts as the arm of the crane;

– Fixed axis crane: the vertical axis of the device remains fixed while the arm rotates at the top;

– Rotary axis cranes: such as quick-assembly cranes.

The fixed axis crane allows the lifting of the load, the translation of the trolley, the rotation of the arm, and the machine’s movement and represents the most common equipment for the handling and lifting of loads used on construction sites.

This equipment presents multiple risks for the operators and the workers working in the area; the greatest dangers consist of the overturning of the crane and the falling of material from above, with the consequent possibility of crushing and impacts.

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