Know How to Get the Best Espresso Machine

There are now nearly as many espresso machines as there are different types of coffee. Well, this may seem slightly exaggerated. But anyone considering buying an espresso machine can quickly be overwhelmed by the multitude of other models: In addition to the portafilter machines and fully automatic espresso machines with integrated milk frother, there are capsule machines, pad machines and simple coffee machines. But what does the espresso of the different machines taste like? 

Espresso: the king of any hot drink, as well as the one who gives the name and primary purpose to these machines. Each model can brew coffee, and what varies is how it is prepared. Not all devices that work with ground coffee can, for example, also work with ESE pods (an acronym for Easy Serving Espresso). The latter are pre-packaged single portions of 7 grams containing ground coffee hermetically sealed by two layers of filter paper. If you can’t decide between the two types, we recommend that you opt for a machine that can work with both solutions and perhaps already includes a double filter, so both for ground coffee and pods.

The perfect espresso and what it depends on

Its name has nothing to do with speed (“express”) but derives from the Italian word for “espresso”. Because this little delicacy was already prepared in the past for the “expressed wish” by forcing hot water through the coffee grounds under pressure. Espresso beans, which are very different from coffee beans, are used. Espresso is drunk black or used to make various speciality coffees with milk foam. And if you follow the traditional production method, not everything on the market is “real.”

Since the growth of speciality coffee, more and more people have developed their coffee knowledge and are considering purchasing an espresso machine bond to replicate the coffee shop experience at home. Like many other things, the answer to this question depends on what kind of dedication and financial investment we want to make and what type of coffee we prefer.

There are three main options for determining the best espresso machine for your home, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. These are:

  • A professional semiautomatic espresso machine,
  • The fully automatic coffee machine or

If you are one of those who get lost in machine coffee, indeed, at some point, you have considered getting your coffee maker, but you don’t even know where to start.

Most people who love quality coffee drinks often buy an espresso machine. With a good machine, you can make all your favourite drinks in the cosy comfort of your kitchen and even try a new recipe or two. But it is often a significant investment. Therefore, it is advisable to take the time to learn more about these machines before purchasing.

Discover the available functions, read some reviews about the espresso machine that interests you. They will also give you answers that thoughts don’t always respond to, even if you buy your espresso machine on the Internet.

Benefits of Automatic espresso machine

  • To each own coffee

 On the market, you will find many espresso machines able to work with different types of coffee. Pods, capsules, automatic machines or ground coffee: whatever your preference, you will get your favorite drink. Some models are even able to combine multiple functions!

  • Many flavors available

 The best automatic espresso machine that work with pods offer you a range of different flavors, all to try. In this way, you can always choose between decaffeinated, intense, Arabica or perhaps flavored coffee!

Goodbye waste! Thanks to these machines, you will be able to prepare coffee every day without waste, as you will always be sure to dose each ingredient correctly. This is even more effective if you use single capsules, which contain the perfect amount of coffee for one cup to give this drink the full taste.

  • Always clean the kitchen. 

The coffee pot is the most traditional method of making coffee, but it’s really easy to get your kitchen dirty using it. For example, you need not close it well or put it too much in contact with the stove’s heat for your coffee to splash everywhere in the kitchen. And indeed, nobody likes to give up their coffee break to clean up the ovens!

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