Kimberly Sustad Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

We do not know about her exact date and place of birth, as Kimberly Sustad herself shared no info about it. But it was later revealed that she took birth in the Canadian city of Ottawa in the 1980s, hence holding Canadian nationality. Kimberly is now known as an actress, probably for her outstanding role in the 2014 movie, “The Nine Lives Of Christmas.”

Early Life And Schooling

Her parents brought up Kimberly in Winnipeg, but huge info about her siblings. His father is Graham Stramer, and it is assumed that she was the only child of her parents. She was pretty inclined towards sports since childhood. She used to participate in various sports, including boxing, snowboarding, horseback riding, dancing, rock climbing, range shooting, and many more. She has not dated anybody during her school or college days, as it is being guessed.

Higher Educational Background

After completing her matriculation from her hometown high school, she immediately got herself two roles that kick-started her career as an actress, even before getting herself enrolled in a college. But she was determined to study more and gain higher education. So she got enrolled at the University Of Western Trinity located in Vancouver. She graduated from there with a bachelor’s degree, choosing acting as her subject.

 Husband And Love Life

She rarely shares any information relating to her love life, but she somehow revealed some hints regarding that subject to the public. Her husband’s name is Scot Sustad, and they were college sweethearts and dated each other for half a decade before marrying each other. Scot is the CEO and founder of the Hot Sauce Digitaldevelopment website agency. They married each other in 2009, and their two daughters Vienna and Ari were born in 2015 and 2017. We do not know anything about any other men other than Scot, whom Kimberlyhas dated before.

The successful career path of Kimberly Sustad

Kimberly Sustad, whose career we focus on, started as an actress in the Emerald City. She participated in the theatre scene and shared the stage with some remarkable people there. With Lewis Black, she had written and performed in several plays for the ‘Rep.’ She, too, had done some part-time work at “The Cheesecake Factory” to supplement her income. She was a Broadway veteran, having acted in shows like “Boeing-Boeing” at Vancouver’s “Arts Club” and “One Slight Hitch” at Seattle’s “Contemporary Theatre.” Then, when her manager introduced her to actor-screenwriter Andy Tennant, everything changed. The concert was regrettably cancelled. Then, she appeared in a TV movie titled “Thunderballs.” She played the role of ‘Nikki’ in the film. The short film “Live Henry Live,” in which she appeared in 2009, was named for her. Her experience in ‘Thunderball’ taught her that an actor must try new things to make a living. Then she obtained an agency in Vancouver and began auditioning for film parts. In 2012, she also became known for her reoccurring role as ‘Brooke Cross. The same year, she had guest appearances on four additional series: ‘Alcatraz,’ ‘A Bride for Christmas,’ and ‘Supernatural.’ She stars in 2013’s Continuum and Motive. The ‘Air Buddies series even appeared in the superhero comics video, ‘Super Buddies.

Kimberly Sustad’s career in TV

In addition, the Canadian drama ‘Down River’ marked the beginning of her transition from television to cinema. She played in the child trafficking drama “Baby Sellers,” which aired on television. She later guest starred in “Witches of East End,” “The Nine Lives of Christmas,” “Spooksville,” and “A Bit of Bad Luck.” During the 2015–2016 calendar year, she was a cast member in the Canadian espionage thriller series The Romeo Section. There, she played the lead character of Kelly Hadler. Her previous works include the films All Things Valentine, Hearts of Christmas, Walking the Dog, The Real Stephen Blatt, Cooking with Love, Past Malice: An Emma Fielding Mystery, and Traveller. In 2019, she was featured in four episodes of the miniseries Unspeakable.

Awards and achievements of Kimberly Sustad

She began her acting career in the Pacific Northwest city of Seattle. There she engaged in theatrical pursuits and collaborated with notable artists. She has also performed in well-known plays like “Rep” alongside Lewis Black. Her first success got her noticed by the public, just like how she did it at ‘The Cheesecake Factory’ to make ends meet. She had been in several Broadway shows, including Boeing-Boeing, at Vancouver’s Arts Club. She chose to make a career change when actor-screenwriter Andy Tennant was given her name as a recommendation. So, she was supposed to be a series regular, but the programme was ultimately cancelled. In a later TV movie titled “Thunderballs,” she had a small role. After filming this, she realised she had potential and resolved to continue working in the film business. She appeared in it as Nikki. In addition, she had a role in the film “Live Henry Live.” The part of ‘Brooke Cross’ from 2012 also came to her easily. She also had guest appearances on “Alcatraz,” “A Bride for Christmas,” and “Supernatural” in the same year.

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Presence In Social Media

Kimberly is an active person on the internet, as using the internet is vital to make people know about her upcoming projects. Her Twitter account has only 430 followers since she has only tweeted about four times in total. Her Instagram account is, however, doing a bit better with around 4,500 followers. She is on Facebook too, but she prefers only to use it for personal uses, connecting with close friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and family.

The Net Worth details of Kimberly Sustad

Multiple estimates placed Kimberly Sustad’s wealth near $500,000 in 2022. Her success in the entertainment industry is the primary source of her financial stability. The money she makes through modelling, advertising, and endorsements is also substantial. Her frequent appearances in Hallmark films are a big cause for her fame. It seems that she will amass a respectable fortune in the future.

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