Kendrick Smith Sampson Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

The actor Kendrick Smith Sampson, who was born on March 8th, 1981, in Houston, Texas, is best known for his roles on television programmes such as “The Vampire Diaries” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” as well as his work on the big and small screens. In addition to being 38 years old, he’s a Pisces who was born in the United States.

Early Life

Kendrick Sampson has developed into a devout Christian due to the influence of his parents, Daphne Smith Sampson and Hoyle Sampson. Because of his family’s interest in the arts, he and his mother relocated to Houston when he was three years old. He started taking piano lessons at the age of three. Kendrick fell in love with acting while working at Gap and pursued it further. After quickly establishing relationships, an agent recommended attending the Texas Kim Terry Institute. Elkins High School in Texas, which he regarded as a theatre student, was his first college. Kendrick is a devout Christian who puts a significant priority on the importance of his religion.

Acting Career

In 2005, he made his acting debut in the film “Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story,” He portrayed Kendrick, a character created by J.R. Richard. He participated in two episodes of ABC’s “Greek,” a television programme focused on Greek culture. Jesse, a character Sampson had previously portrayed on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” in 2010, made his television debut on The Vampire Diaries, a series based on the L.J. Smith novel series, in mid-2013. Sampson swiftly shot to recognition as a result of his depiction of Jesse. “The Vampire Diaries” allowed Kendrick to play Dean Iverson in “Gracepoint,” which he landed in January of 2014 after leaving the show. Following that, he starred in the pilot episode of “The Kingmakers,” a new ABC television series that was never broadcast.

On ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder,” Kendrick plays the role of Caleb Hapstall in the second season of the courtroom drama created by Shonda Rhimes. During shooting the series above, the actor could collaborate with notables such as Viola Davis and Billy Brown. Since 2017, Sampson has worked on a variety of projects, including “Relationship Status,” “The Flash,” “Insecure,” and “Ghosting,” among others. He’s now working on the pilot episode of his new docuseries, “How to Make Love to a Black Woman,” which will premiere in the fall. Kendrick has featured in 21 films and television episodes to date.

Recent works of Kendrick Smith Sampson

Around May of this year, he launched BLD PWR, intending to encourage fresh development, self-determination, and transformation among impoverished communities as well as in mainstream American society. Following the assassination of George Floyd, the activist served as a leading figure in the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that broke out in Los Angeles. During the protests, according to him, he was assaulted by a police officer and then fired with rubber bullets. As a protest against the murder of Jacob Blake, he has called for a strike in Hollywood to last for twenty-four hours. During the 2019 COVID-19 outbreak that swept across Los Angeles County jails, Sampson worked with JusticeLA in 2020 to make the public service announcement with the hashtag #SuingToSaveLives. This was done in an effort to raise awareness regarding the health of prisoners in these facilities.

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Personal Life

Kendrick, it is assumed, is not married. According to some reports, Sampson is a homosexual, which is untrue given his history of dating females, as shown by his previous relationships. He often speaks out against racism and white supremacy in African-American neighborhoods, even when there are no white people nearby to hear him speak. Since childhood, he has endured taunts for romantic interest in ladies with black complexion.

Relationship details of Kendrick Smith Sampson

Kendrick Sampson is not single at the moment; rather, he is involved with another woman. In addition, there are rumours that he dated Hayley Kiyoko at one point in his life. This multi-talented singer, composer, actor, and director was born and raised in the United States of America. Since 2014, the two have been together in a relationship. They don’t hide anything about their relationship and seem to be pretty content in their partnership.

Rumours regarding Sampson’s Love Life

Naomi Campbell, a model and actress who is now 50 years old, was speculated to be dating Kendrick Lamar in August of 2017. On Normani’s 24th birthday, which falls on May 23, 2020, an actor from The Vampire Diaries will share a picture of the two of them together on Instagram and a birthday wish for Normani. He took the opportunity to wish his girlfriend, the one-of-a-kind and incredible @naomi, a happy birthday in the caption. However, none of the parties involved has commented on the reports that they are connected in any way. There have also been reports that Kendrick is romantically involved with Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei and Issa Rae. Kendrick has been linked to both of these women. However, he has never addressed the public regarding his possible future business partners.

The physical appearance of Kendrick Smith Sampson

Kendrick Sampson has such an outstanding charm and sense of humour that he completely captivates the crowd whenever he does a performance. He stands an impressive 2.08 metres tall, which is equivalent to 6 feet in height. He towers above the other performers and immediately sets himself apart from them. Kendrick Sampson isn’t exactly on the little side, as he weighs in at a wholesome 78 kilogrammes (approximately 171 lbs). His appearance and state of health are a direct result of the tough workout routine and the excellent eating habits he maintains. Even from the outside, he does not seem to be very impressive. He has built up a sizable fan base since he is a good-natured and humble person.

Net Worth

Kendrick Sampson is one of the wealthiest and most popular television actors in the world. An estimated $1.5 million is Kendrick Sampson’s net worth based on information from Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

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