How to Stay Entertained while you Travel

As exciting as it can be to visit far-flung destinations, the long-haul travelling that’s involved on the way there and back is often far from exhilarating. Certainly, there are those holidaymakers who do enjoy a long trip, but for the rest of us staying entertained can be a bit tricky.  

If you’re bored of watching in-flight movies and need a break from your city guide books, here are some suggestions that will keep you entertained on your next trip.  

Be Productive 

Let’s face it, if you’re spending upwards of 8 hours sitting on a plane to travel to your dream destination, you could use those hours in a more productive way. With the power of the internet at your fingertips, before you take off, you can download a variety of engaging apps to your devices that will help you broaden your horizons through learning a new language or skill.  

Apps like Duolingo are ideal for dipping into when you’re travelling, particularly if you set yourself the task of learning the local language of your chosen destination. With all sorts of features that make learning languages fun like social communities and scoreboards, you can even download content to learn offline too.  

Play some Games 

If you didn’t already know, playing games is possibly the world’s most popular hobby. The gaming industry is massive and there are video games or mobile gaming apps to play that will suit all ages, tastes and genders. Puzzle trips, for instance, are an easy go-to game for whiling away a few hours as you travel. Then, there are battle royale games or online role-playing games that offer even higher levels of distraction.  

If video games aren’t your thing, how about learning a mind sport like poker? You’ll find plenty of ways to learn and play online, from digital resources like pokernews with its beginner’s guides and strategy tips to free-to-play games and beginner tournaments.  

Check out some new Podcasts 

Why not use the time you’re spending travelling to dive into topics of interest to you? Thanks to the wide variety of podcasts that are available here in the 21st century, you can enlighten yourself on any topic that springs to mind. It’s possible to find hours and hours of content on just a single topic, especially when using streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.  

On a long-haul trip, what could be better than listening to a travel podcast to get you prepared for your holiday? For those who prefer heading off to unexplored territory, JUMP with Traveling Jackie covers lesser-known destinations and offers some truly useful travel tips too.  

Jason Moore’s Zero to Travel podcast, meanwhile, is one that all road trip enthusiasts should subscribe to. Each episode focuses on an epic journey, with Moore interviewing explorers and travellers who’ve accomplished these exciting feats.  

For more general travel enthusiasts, Holly Rubenstein’s The Travel Diaries will give you the inside scoop on celebrity travel. Holly regularly interviews renowned global travellers like Michael Palin, exploring their most memorable travel experiences as well as providing unique insights on destinations that can make your holidays all the more rewarding.  

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