How Travel Bloggers Can Find a Job

Travel bloggers are self-employed writers who travel worldwide and write about their adventures. They usually post their writing on their blogs, vlogs, and websites. Some travel bloggers may also frequently publish their vacations on other sites, like conventional travel writers. Moreover, bloggers gain popularity on social media by posting marvelous videos of exotic landscapes, beaches, and historical monuments.

Meanwhile, there are several jobs for travel bloggers in the market. Most popular positions on job posting aggregators include vacancies such as a bartender, yoga instructors, online tutors, yacht or cruise ship workers, photographers, and flight attendants. These are most suitable for combining job duties and blogging, but that’s not the whole list. 

Worth noting that finding directly the travel blogger position seems to be the problem. To make it easier, we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to provide answers to the seemingly frequent question of how travel bloggers can find a job. Let’s proceed.

  • Offer Your Services To Popular Blogs With Significant Followers

Blogging for a popular website will help your name become well-known. If readers enjoy your work, they will look for more of it. However, while doing this, make sure the blog you’re contributing enables you to add your name and a link to your blog. If you’re lucky and your content is good, volunteer work can lead to higher-paying blog positions.

  • Network With Other Travel Bloggers

Participating in online discussions regarding blog posts and travel blogging might help you build relationships with bloggers who can eventually connect you with paid blogging opportunities. 

Follow the large blog and blogger’s Twitter feeds, participate in blogging communities, or permanently leave comments on specific blog entries about relevant topics you know about.

  • Project  Yourself 

Spread the word. You may wish to use various forms of social media to promote your blog to attract visitors and grow a following. Submit your blog to blog directories or use social media to share links to your articles and videos. Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook are examples of social media platforms you can use for this purpose.

You can also install a widget on your blog that allows visitors to subscribe to your blog’s posts. People can then receive emails or notifications whenever you publish new content (text posts, pictures, videos), which can help build a loyal audience.

  • Apply For Blogging Positions On Freelance Travel Blogs

ProBlogger and FreelanceSwitch, for example, are two websites that are entirely dedicated to open freelance writing employment. The use of both sites is completely free. All it takes is to open an account and upload work samples. 

Make your particular market a priority. Make sure to mention how the topics you usually discuss in your blog correspond to the blog’s interests. Writing examples are requested on the majority of blog employment websites. Make your writing examples relevant to the job you’re looking for.

  • Use Your Network To Get Referrals

Another way to get a travel blogger job is to use your connection to get recommendations from other bloggers. Colleagues with whom you’ve developed a relationship may be able to point you in the direction of paid blogging opportunities. Alternatively, they may recommend you to bloggers they know who are presently hiring. There’s a reason they call it “networking.” You’ll gradually build an online community that can assist you in finding paid blogging opportunities.

  • Use Your Blog To Find Jobs

The majority of blogging platforms feature a distinct “hire me” link where you may advertise your skills. In many circumstances, this is effective. The client will have a solid grasp of your talents and specialized market by browsing and perusing your blog. Then they can offer you a job by clicking on the “hire me” link.

Don’t hesitate to market yourself and your blogging skills to others on your site. Make your writing style and areas of “expertise” stand out.

  • Blog  For The Same Outlet Consistently

Try to write numerous things for the same blogging venue if you can. You’ll immediately figure out what they want from their blog. You’ll spend less time on the blogosphere’s administrative side and more time blogging. This may also supply you with a constant source of money.


Getting a job as a travel blogger takes a lot of hardworking, frustration, mistakes, and learning, but it will get easier with more experience. We hope you’ll find the journey easier and get yourself meaningful jobs as a travel blogger with the above strategies.

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