How to Choose the Best Mobile Phone Plan in Singapore

It is about time to consider whether you have the best mobile phone plan in Singapore.After all, the best mobile phone plans in Singapore shuffle their plans so often, that a plan you signed up a while ago that seemed the best deal at the time may not be the ideal option for you.

The search for a good mobile phone plan becomes urgent if you are changing networks in a different country, and need to get a lay of the land as well as communicate with your loved ones overseas.Often, mobile plans in Singapore expect you to commit to a two year plan. If that is what you are going for, make sure that the preferred mobile plan delivers awesome deals.

Most mobile phone plans have a variety to choose from,however because there are so many options, finding a suitable plan can be difficult. However, you can check on for more info. For your aese, we have narrowed down on what you need to look out for to help make every penny worth.

Criteria to Choose Best Mobile Plan in Singapore

1. Network Coverage

You do not want to lose network connection in a foreign country or when you want to catch an uber in the outskirts of Singapore.Network coverage is top of the list when choosing a mobile phone plan.

How do you know if their network is good?One approach is to visit the mobile phone website to check their coverage spread in Singapore. From this, you will get the clear outline of coverage and make a better informed decision.

2. Identify the Type of Mobile User You Are

In choosing the right mobile plan, you need to have a detailed list of options to know the kind of services you often use.For instance, are you a heavy data consumer? Or do you often prefer making phone calls, compared to texting? This will help you settle on the best mobile phone plan that suits your needs.

If your family is overseas and you need to catch up with them at the end of a work week,then you need good data deals that will not run out when you need it the most.

3. Price

Price is a huge factor when choosing the best mobile phone plan especially if you are planning on getting more than one line for other family members.Some providers can give you a discount if you get more than one line, so you will have to compare mobile phone providers based on the number of lines you need.

The major mobile phone providers in Singapore can take up the cost of switching networks. Also, be on the lookout for promotions that run often, you could find a way of saving money.

4. Business Plan

When in doubt, always ask. Most mobile phone plans in Singapore have customizable phone plans that may come at a cheaper price than the standard plans. Of course, it all depends on your usage or company size, you always have the opportunity to negotiate for better deals.

You are always at liberty to choose a bespoke mobile plan of your choice. Once you have decided on your preferred option, you can determine the plan that works for you!

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