How to Choose an Interior Design Style that Will Satisfy You

Before starting to work on the design project of the apartment or house, it is worth deciding on the choice of interior style. There is no unambiguous answer to the question of what style should be preferred because everyone has different wishes and ideas about the ideal home. Some people decide that classical style is the most suitable for them, others tend to follow fashionable tendencies and choose minimalism style, and for some people, a bright interior, emphasizing personality in the first place, is an ideal choice.

A few recommendations for choosing a style of interior that’s right for you:

1. First, it’s worth determining which pieces of furniture and decor from your existing interior you want to keep for future design. These items will be the foundation of your new interior and will help you decide on a style.

Looking at your home with fresh eyes, it is worth deciding on the finish. Perhaps, for a long time living in the existing interior, you got used to wallpaper and linoleum. Try to replace these materials with more modern ones: decorative plaster, parquet, or tile. But do not be too harsh and throw away antiques, as they can be a real highlight of your new home! It’s worth restoring and painting the old furniture, changing the fittings, and it will please you again. In addition, such an approach saves you from spending a lot of money on buying new furniture and interior items.

2. Do you like to travel? Revisit your photos and videos from your trips. Emotions and memories can be a source of inspiration for you. There is always something you want to return to again and again. And a desire to recreate the cozy atmosphere of your favorite vacation spot in your home would help you decide on an interior style.

Examining design magazines and specialized websites can be another way to help you choose your interior style. They will help you get an initial idea about the trends in design fashion, choose your favorite ready-made interiors. In addition, assessing the convenience and functionality of individual elements of the interior will help to visit friends, who have already completed the design renovation in a certain style. In the end, all this will help you decide on the choice.

4. The creation of a designer apartment interior in one style always requires a certain cost. That’s why very often people refuse the offered stylistic preferences just from the thought of how much it will cost to make their wishes come true.

5. Do not blindly follow the interior fashion! After all, agree that not always designer ideas are functional in everyday life. First of all the interior of your home should be cozy and comfortable for you, but not a glossy picture “for the guests”.

6. Sometimes a hobby or business you love can be the basis for your interior design style. After all, your hobby can be a source of inspiration for creating a comfortable and cozy interior that will please not only you but also your guests. Most often this approach is used when creating the interior of children’s rooms. Just take a look at body pillows. Every kid will be amazed!

7. Planning. Everyone organizes living space according to his taste. For the customer, the most difficult thing is to make a decision. It usually depends on the person’s character, habits, and lifestyle.

Conservatives choose apartments with a traditional layout, where all living space is divided into separate rooms. They are unlikely to want to combine the kitchen and living room, toilet, and bathroom. It will be a very strict and concise project. Others prefer an open floor plan or even an interior with round walls (it happens!) – these people are not afraid of experiments and like non-standard solutions.

8. Color scheme. The color can tell a lot about your character. Calm, reserved people prefer brown colors; lovers of experiments — orange. If you like black — you should think about your inner state. Yellow is suitable for the direct, and white — for self-sufficient people.

The easiest solution for a mixed style is to make a monochrome interior and set the mood with colored details: drapes, pillows, different decor. You can even make the rooms in a calm palette and dilute it with accent things like custom cat pillows, for example.

9. Textiles. If at the beginning of the design you were afraid of bright colors, textiles — an opportunity to add bright accents to the interior. Visit furniture centers and see what color solutions designers offer. Do not be afraid to experiment e.g. try some striking designer pillows. And remember that textiles are always easy to change.

10. Finishing materials. Carefully choose ceramic coverings. If the painted walls you can always cover with a new coat of paint, wallpaper can be pasted, but with tiles is not so simple. Remember that trends in the interior are changing, but the tiles remain.

Color also affects the final result. A bathroom in bright colors will be suitable for skylarks — lush shades will help to wake up. Dim lighting and muted tones are a great option for owls. This atmosphere helps to relax before going to bed.

In general, it is worth noting that when choosing the style of decoration of your apartment, first of all, you should listen to your desires! In fact, the house in which you feel comfortable should not necessarily be a glossy picture. First of all, view website it should be cozy and reflect your inner world.

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