How to Bake Cake in Pressure Cooker

The cake is such an amazing creation in food items, especially in desserts. Every important day is incomplete without cake. For me, my dessert list can’t be complete without a cake. You must have tasted many kinds of cakes. I am sure they were super tasty, but you can’t have them every time. You must have ordered online cake delivery in Bangalore. You have tasted Bloomsvilla cakes too. Because they are costly too, and you can’t have them every day. In fact, because of this pandemic, the whole world is in the lockdown. But the tongue doesn’t know about the lockdown. So today, I am going to share two different, easy, and yummy cake recipe. Today, I will share the recipe which you will bake in the pressure cooker. Pressure cooker, because microwave or oven is not available in every kitchen. No doubt, their taste was out of the world. But what about, when you can’t order cake online in delhi.

Ingredients for biscuit cake:

If you don’t have many ingredients, then you definitely loved it.

1.Any cream biscuit or leftover biscuits – 250g

2.Milk at room temperature -1cup

3.Eno – 1 sachet

4.Caster sugar – 4 spoons or according to your taste

5. Refine oil- 4 tablespoons


Take off all the cream from the biscuits, and grind it to make a fine powder. Add powder in a mixing bowl. Add the caster sugar in it, and milk slowly to make the batter.  Now add oil in it, and mix completely. Grease the mold with some oil or butter and refine flour. Before transferring better in the mold add ENO in it, and mix it in the batter lightly. Add the batter in the mold and tap it to settle down the better. Preheat the pressure cooker for 7 to 10 minutes. You can use salt or water to baking the cake. Salt or water put in the pressure cooker, and put a stand on it or small bowl. Now, put the mold on the stand, and cover it with the plate. Take off the whistle and rubber, and bake it for 40 to 45 minutes. After 20 to 25 minutes, please check once. Use a toothpick or knife to check the cake is baked or not. If your toothpick or knife comes out clean, it means your cake is baked.

How to do icing on the cake or decorate the cake

Here, I am giving you two options, actually not only two, more than two.  First, one is used biscuit cream to do icing on the cake. Boil the milk, and add that milk in the biscuit cream. Quantity of the milk should be 2 tablespoons or a maximum of 3 tablespoons. Mix the cream and make a paste, spread the paste on the cake delivery in delhi. The second a method is the melted chocolate.  Use a double boiling method to melt the chocolate. While melting the chocolate add one tablespoon butter in it. It will add shine in the chocolate, only if you have. And use this for the icing on the cake.  If you can have whipped cream then, it will amazing. Use whipped cream for icing. The last one is chocolate ganache. Take 3 spoons cocoa powder, and 4,5 spoon sugar, and almost 1-liter water. Cook all together until it turns into a melted chocolate consistency. When the cake cools down spread on it. Before spreading chocolate ganache, whipping cream, soak the cake with sugar syrup. 

If you have dry fruits, chocolate chips, cherry, strawberries, chocolate, etc. You can use things also for garnishing.

Ingredients for refined flour cake:

  1. 1.5 cup refined flour
  2. Caster sugar 1cup or according to your taste
  3. Milk according to requirements, it should be at room temperature
  4. Vanilla essence
  5. Melted butter half cup
  6. Baking powder, baking soda or you can use only one sachet of ENO


Mix all the raw ingredients in the bowl, please use a saucer or anything to refine all the ingredients. Don’t add baking powder, soda, or ENO now. Put melted butter in the bowl mix it well, and now milk to make a cake batter. Now add few drops of vanilla essence. And at last baking ingredient half tablespoon baking soda, baking powder or one sachet of ENO. Grease the mold and all the procedures are the same as above.

Both cakes can be your beloved birthday cake. You just need to add happy birthday flowers.

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