How Did Gambling Change Over Last 50 Years?

Everything changes very fast, especially due to the modern technologies development and new conditions we all had to face lately. All the changes, as usual, have their own advantages and disadvantages and while some people meet the development with interest others feel worried and nervous about it. The gambling industry is also changing all the time trying to be up-to-date and fulfil all the wishes and desires of the players. In this article, we are going to make a comparative analysis of what changes actually happened with gambling over the last 50 years and will even try to take a look in the future.

The History of Gambling

Gambling itself is a kind of very old activity, the first hints of which were discovered in the Paleolithic period so many years ago that it is hard to imagine. Since then, this activity changed a lot and modern industry has nothing similar to itself at that time. Making a comparison between the first small land-based casinos that started to appear in the 1600s in Italy and huge modern gambling platforms existing nowadays it is hard even to believe in these changes. Last time, we watch the development of new technologies that made their influence on gambling as industry. Further, you will read about the main changes that happened with gambling over the last 50 years.

Online Gambling World

First, what has to be mentioned is the development of computers and Internet access. 50 years ago computers were not popular and available. Only about 25 years ago they became usual and started to appear not only in libraries and computer clubs but also in usual general families. The first reason why computers were bought was for work and later it became a good way of entertainment. The first online casino appeared in 1994 produced by Microgaming company with Martin Moshal as the main founder. There was only one online game but soon many other platforms started to appear. Nowadays, there are thousands of games made by thousands of software providers. Let’s see the most famous of them:

Software ProviderPopular Slots 2022
MicrogamingImmortal Romance, Wheel Whishes, Playboy Online Slot, Book of Oz, Mega Moolah, Thunder Struck, Game of Thrones
Pragmatic PlayMight of Ra, Gates of Valhalla, The Ultimate 5, Rock Vegas, Gold Party, Wild Depth, Book of the Fallen
YggdrasilJumbo Jellies, Xibalba, Money Mariachi, Monster Blox, Lady Merlin, Serendipity, Winfall in Paradise
QuickSpinCash Truck, Sakura Fortune II, Spinions X-mas party, Blue Wizard, Wild Harlequin, Cabin Crashers

Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrency is the kind of virtual money, which is additionally secured by cryptography. The most often-used cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which was invented and introduced into the world in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The general understanding of the work of this currency is about working online in the digital world, it doesn’t have the form of a general dollar or euro bill. The development of this digital currency made its influence in the gambling world. Nowadays many bitcoin casinos are widely spread on the Internet and are gradually gaining popularity. It happens because of the security and safety of this currency, but it has even more advantages:

  1. Easy Transactions;
  2. Low Fees;
  3. Privateness;
  4. Fast Cross-Border Payments;
  5. Inflation Hedge.

Mobility of the Gameplay

50 years ago, people didn’t even think about mobile phones and now everything works with the help of these gadgets. Mobile phones help us order food, proceed with payments, communicate with people and so much more. Now in 2022, the gambling industry moved from desktops to mobile phones and tablets. It widens our possibilities to gamble and let us enjoy this activity anywhere. To get to the online casino with the help of your phone, it is enough to use any mobile browser. Playing your favourite casino games is possible as long as you have Internet access and your phone is charged.

Modern Graphics

Looking back to the first gadgets for playing like Tetris or consoles, it is easy to find differences with popular games existing nowadays. The modern graphics gives us the possibility to dive into the game and enjoy it absolutely. The best games for appreciating modern graphics advantages are slots. There is a huge variety of these games with many different themes. With the help of several clicks, you can find yourself in the middle of the ocean fighting with pirates or under the water surface swimming with sharks or in the surrounding of farm animals and so many more possibilities. The other good news about slots playing is that there are no additional requirements for playing them, it is possible absolutely for free despite the conditions you had like about twenty years ago.

Bonuses and Promotions

Last time the online gambling world feels a little overcrowded with a huge number of different platforms. But the spirit of competition actually made gamblers a favour. In addition to the possibility to choose only the best clubs, we face the variety of promotions the casinos usually offer to attract their customers. New clients of the casino may apply lucrative welcome bonus, which usually contains free spins and cash bonus, regular clients look for different weekly bonuses or Loyalty program possibilities. Anyway, these offers enable people to have increased chances to win or enjoy playing online with little risk.


Everyone knows that gambling can be addictive and a lot of people suffer from it. However, 50 years ago, there was no information and warnings, People didn’t know how everything works and how to cope with problem gambling. For now, we have a lot of options on how not to make the gambling experience addictive and what to do if it has already happened. Modern casinos provide their gamblers with different limitations like self-exclusion when you choose the definite period of time when you are not allowed to play on the website, time limitations mean that you are suspended from the website every time when you have already spent 2 hours or another time period that you set gambling. Moreover, some casinos provide the phone number of special support for problem gamblers. If the online club doesn’t contain this information, it is possible to find it with the help of networks.


The gambling world has passed through lots of changes over the last 50 years. Nowadays, all gamblers may enjoy superb technological benefits. The huge variety of games with cool up-to-date graphics entertains players all over the world.  The possibility to play for free let everyone play with no risks while real-money games offer the chance to win good rewards. The mobility of online casinos allows us to play anywhere and an abundance of information helps people not to become addicted. However, all the changes have not stopped yet, we are still watching the transformation of our gambling reality with excitement. The development of artificial intelligence and virtual reality has just started to have an impact on our world and all the greatest developments are ahead.

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