Here Is a Take on Where and How to Spend Your Bitcoins


Bitcoin might be the most trending and controversial at the moment. Currently, the whole world is discussing it and trying their hands on it. So, if you have some Bitcoins with you, then there are many exciting ways you can spend them. Many of the stores are taking the thing as a payment for the stuff or service they sell to you. So here is some good news for you if you already have some of them in stock or in site.

Instead of cooping them up in your wallet, get moving with them and enjoy your Bitcoins. It can be made great use of it because of the value that it has in the market. But remember, as a note of caution, if you are new to Bitcoin, remember that it is extremely volatile. What you see as its value may not be the same tomorrow.

Places Where You Can Enjoy Bitcoins

There was a time when Bitcoin was practically unknown to the entire world. Its creation had gone into the shadows. But today, the scenario is no longer the same. It has gained a lot of prominence and has definitely come a long way to be accepted in stores as payment. Now for the places where you can spend your Bitcoins, here we have gathered some examples.

Here it is to be considered that Bitcoin is legal in some countries while it is illegal in others. If its legal in your country, you can freely use it. So, you must know whether it is legal in your country or not. If it is, then you can try the stores and places that are enlisted below.

Online Retail Stores

Amazon may not be accepting Bitcoin, but there are plenty of other options like:

· Overstock – It is an American e-commerce marketplace that will accept your Bitcoins

· Newegg – Here you can buy your computer hardware and consumer electronics items in exchange for your Bitcoins

· Shopify – 

A very popular e-commerce platform with retail sales and online stores

· Rakuten. – This Japanese electronics company will take your Bitcoins

Travel Agencies

With Bitcoins in your wallet, you can roam the world and enjoy the beauty of those places, provided you go to certain agencies like:

  • Expedia – A well-accepted online travel company
  • Travala – This company not only accepts Bitcoins, but it also takes various other cryptocurrencies that are present. The company is very different from others for this very reason.
  • Virgin Galactic – Now here is one of the most exciting of all travel companies that accept Bitcoins. With them, you can fly off to space


Games are very popular these days. And with Bitcoins, you can enter the gaming world quite easily. They are:

  • Twitch – A live gaming platform
  • Bitcoin Casino – The provably fair gaming is possible if you are an owner of Bitcoins
  • Keys4Coins – Pay any of your cryptocurrencies for their software, gift cards and games
  • Xbox – Either use PayPal or your cryptos to buy their games, subscriptions, etc.
  • Humble Bundle – Indie games are their forte. Some of the money that you pay them goes to charities, so if you are a believer in doing good for humanity then this is the platform for you to show off your skills

Gift Cards

There are some retail stores that do not accept Bitcoins, but you can definitely purchase Gift Cards with your cryptocurrencies. You can use Gift Cards to buy from companies like Adidas, Xbox, etc. With Coingate, Egifter and CryptoRefills, you can buy gift cards as well.

Offline Bitcoin Spending Places

Till now you learnt of all the places where you could spend all your Bitcoins in the online transfer mode, but now again there is some more good news for you because you can also spend your coins offline. You could use apps to pay with your mobile in certain restaurants or coffee shops. You could buy a pizza or two with your Bitcoins via PizzaforCoin.

It will amaze you when you learn that there is a place in Prague that only accepts Bitcoin as their payment for the coffee that you take.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know of the platforms that accept your Bitcoins in exchange for the services or items they provide you with, you can easily go on making payments with your Bitcoins. All you have to do is be ready with your wallet and transfer the currency when it is required.

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