George Lebar’s Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early life

Artist, author, and poet Georges Lebar is gifted in many areas. He is most known as the spouse of a drag queen, actress, model, singer, and TV personality, RuPaul. It was on Lebar’s birthday in the 1990s when the two first met. They were married for a few months before they chose to publicly acknowledge their love. Lebar is a quiet guy who prefers to keep his business out of the spotlight. “Six Inches Away” is the title of his book of oil paintings, which was released in 2007. His second book, “Pillow Talk,” a compilation of paintings inspired by the poetry of C.M. Clark, was released the same year. He also has a ranch in Wyoming that’s over 50,000 acres in size and where he works as a rancher. Because of his reserved nature, Georges does not participate in the online social scene in any way. He has just 283 Facebook friends and hasn’t updated the page since 2010.

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Childhood and youth for George Lebar

George Lebar’s birth date is reported as January 24th, 1973, in Perth, Australia. There is no information on his educational background, including his high school or college experiences. Despite this, he is said to have studied “Fashion & Design” in New York, Paris, and Miami.

Personal life of George Lebar

Georges is 204 centimeters tall and weighs about 98 kilograms (216 pounds). Both his hair and eyes are a dark brown tone. He belongs to the Aquarius zodiac sign. He is a citizen of the United States and a present resident of the United States. Simply put, he is a devout Christian who has faith in Jesus. In terms of race, he is white. He is not ashamed of his sexual orientation and has a public marriage to his partner, the drag artist RuPaul Charles. When he can take it easy on his ranch in Wyoming, Lebar is at his happiest. When he has some spare time, he can concentrate, gather his thoughts, and then beautifully depict those thoughts via his paintings. Because he values his privacy so highly, he does not have any other social media platforms outside his dormant Facebook account since 2010.

Personal details of George Lebar    

Real NameGeorge Lebar
Celebrity NameGeorge
ProfessionAuthor and Painter
Age48 years old
Date of BirthJanuary 24, 1973
BirthplacePerth, Australia

Body measurements of George Lebar

Height in Centimetres204 cm
Height in Inches6 feet, 7 inch
Weight in Kilograms98 kg
Weight in Pounds216 lbs
Chest44 inch or 112 cm
Waists34 inch or 86 cm
Biceps16 inch or 41 cm
Hair colourDark Brown
Eye colourDark Brown
Relationship statusMarried
Spouse name:RuPaul Andre Charles

Relationship details of George Lebar

RuPaul Andre Charles, an American drag queen, model, composer, and actor is married to Georges Lebar. Since they were young, the two had a secret romance. They managed to keep their 23-year romance out of the press. This couple tied the knot in 2017 in a modest, intimate ceremony in honour of their 23rd wedding anniversary. A few months into their marriage, the paparazzi spotted George and RuPaul together, and RuPaul made the big announcement to the press. Nothing is known about Georges Lebar’s previous exes than RuPaul. By 2022, they will have been together for almost 30 years.

The Net Worth of George Lebar

Australian poet, novelist, and painter Georges Lebar is widely regarded as a cultural icon. His marriage to RuPaul Andre Charles, an American drag queen and television star, further contributed to his notoriety. Since 2007, George has published an extensive body of oil paintings and canvases. His artwork, including paintings, canvases, and poetry, brings in most of his revenue. His Wyoming property is 50,000 acres in size and provides additional income. There will be a $1.5 million surplus to his name by 2022. Learn the truth about Georges Lebar and all the mysteries surrounding him.

Informative facts about George Lebar

  • Lebar is a notable painter, writer, and poet.
  • His birthplace was Perth, Australia.
  • He is married to RuPaul Charles, an American celebrity who works as a drag queen, model, singer, actor, and TV host.
  • Georges acquired a ranch in Wyoming that spans a whopping 50,000 acres from his grandparents.
  • On their 23rd wedding anniversary, RuPaul and Georges quietly tied the knot in 2017.
  • Georges has an enormous frame and is 6 feet 7 inches tall.
  • His books “Six Inches Away” and “Pillow Talk” are excellent examples of his work.

The social media presence of George Lebar

Besides the fact that Georges is notoriously secretive, little is known about his family. He has been cagey about answering questions regarding his family’s background, including his parents’ locations and occupations and the identities of his siblings. In addition, Georges’ relatives don’t seem to have any online presence.

The Working Life of George Lebar

Known to the public as RuPaul Andre Charles’s husband, Georges Lebar has achieved fame in his own right. A popular American drag queen, composer, model, actor, and TV host, RuPaul is a multitalented entertainer. Georges is also a gifted artist and writer, though. His 2007 oil painting collection, titled “Six Inches Away,” was released under his name. He has also published a second volume of paintings inspired by the poetry of C.M. Clark. “Microwave of Mascara,” “Sitting on a Secret,” and “Gossip” are some of his most recent works, all of which were launched in 2008. Georges’s drag companion RuPaul is shown in the art form of Sitting on a Secret. 

Georges is also a rancher and owner of a 50,000-acre ranch in Wyoming and an artist and author. He spends most of his time contemplating and manifesting his ideas into the canvas as stunning paintings. Even though Lebar prefers to stay out of the limelight, he has made a few guest appearances on TV programs with his spouse. In addition, he and RuPaul were often photographed together at events such as award ceremonies and talk programs.

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