Danielle Colby Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On December 3rd, 1975, Danielle Colby took birth in Davenport, a place in Iowa. This enough is important to show that her zodiac sign happens to be Sagittarius, and as of nationality, she is an American. Danielle is known as a reality television star, probably best known for his appearance in a reality television show called the “American Pickers,” and she is also the show’s producer and executive.

Family And Childhood

Her parents brought up Danielle in her hometown, Davenport. He belongs to a family of the Jewish faith, and they used to be strict. Her mother was Sue Colby. We do not know about her father. Danielle has an elder sister whose name was Carbomb Betty. As she belonged to a very strict family, Danielle never had a great relationship with them, as she has never seen life as they see it.

Education And Growing Up

She took singing and acting classes at a very tender age of eight and used to act in several plays of her high schools. She never got herself enrolled after completing his matriculation from her high school and thought it would be better to pursue his acting, singing, and entertainment career. When she was a student at a high school, she used to learn and perform roller skating, and finally, she became a member of the derby roller team, later ended up playing for the Mouth Big Mickie’s. She left playing it anymore as she used to suffer many injuries.

Marriage And Love Life

Danielle got himself married to Alexandre De Meyer, a graphic designer and an artist from France, probably known best for his inclination with the Michelin Museum, designing for their blueprints. Their marriage was held on February 14th, 2015, after dating him a couple of years. They currently live together in Chicago, a place in Illinois. This was her 2nd marriage, as he was first married to Kevin Peter Colby from the year 2004 to the year 2009. During the five years of their marriage, she gave birth to a couple of children.

Childhood Trauma

Danielle was once sexually harassed and molested when she was just a little child, and later she got herself into a very abusive relationship. She once used to date the famous television star, producer, and artist Jeremy Scheuch but is yet no confirmed.

The professional life of Danielle Colby as a singer and actress

Since Danielle joined the cast of the History Channel, show “American Pickers,” which debuted on January 18, 2010, and follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel the nation to buy and resell antiques and collectibles, she has become a well-known figure in the antiques and collectibles industry. Mike, the initial star of the show, wanted Danielle to be a part of the series, but the rest of the film team told him, “We’re not filming her, we have no contract with her. History wants you and Frank.” Even when Mike tried all in his power to persuade them differently, they continued to refuse; it took two months before they ultimately consented to have Danielle appear in the series.

In 2016, the documentary film “Tempest Storm,” which was based on the life of burlesque performer Annie Blanche Banks (also known as “Tempest Storm”), was made available for public viewing. Annie Blanche Banks served as the film’s executive producer. Danielle has always had a keen interest in the latest trends in clothing ever since she was a child. In the past, she was employed by Gorilla Clothing as a garment designer. Subsequently, she launched a company that sells her designs under 4 Miles 2 Memphis.

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Recent successful works of Danielle Colby

After seeing Margaret Cho’s “Satan’s Angel” show in Chicago, which inspired Danielle to seek a career in burlesque, Danielle joined the “Burlesque Le Moustache” dance group with eight other persons and acquired the stage name “Dannie Diesel.” Margaret Cho’s “Satan’s Angel” act was performed in Chicago. As a nod to the group’s name, Danielle opened her School in Chicago in 2014 and gave it the name Dannie Diesel’s Bump ‘n’ Grind School.

Her years of experience as a professional picker allowed her to amass an impressive collection of vintage stage costumes, some of which date back to the 1800s. She is famous for her collection. Her collection includes artifacts such as a theatrical costume worn by Mata Hari in 1915, a distinctive dress worn by Lillie Langtry in the 1890s, and a banana skirt worn by the French actress Josephine Baker, who lived from 1906 until 1975. Baker’s life spanned the years 1906–1975.

Hobbies and Interests of Danielle Colby

Danielle has several tattoos because each one represents a significant person in her life, an event in her past that shaped who she is now, or a life lesson she has acquired. Her children are the artists behind several of her tattoos, and although it is clear that they are not professionals, she loves them all the same. She had already begun training as a singer and dancer before entering her teenage years. She is also a major fan of the film business and has been in many films in minor roles.

Citizen Kane and It’s a Wonderful Life are two of her all-time favourite films, while “I Love Lucy” is her all-time favourite television programme. Because she finds the persistent scrutiny from the media annoying, she and Mike Wolfe try to steer clear of the general public by keeping their businesses closed for the majority of the time. Danielle has been across most of the United States because she enjoys shopping for antiques and treasures. She has also spent a lot of time travelling all across Europe, but Paris will always be her favourite place to visit.

Net Worth And Appearance

Danielle is now 44 years old. She possesses long brown colored eyes and hair. Her height and weight respectively are 5ft 6ins or 167cm and 134lbs or 61kgs. Her accumulated net worth is somewhat over 1.5 million US dollars.

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