Chip Hailstones Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Edward Hailstones is well-known as an American TV personality, and also he is a hunter. His lifestyle has been documented in Nat Geo’s Life Below Zero reality show.

With full name Chip Edward Hailstones, he took birth on March 8th, 1969, in a place called Kalispell, located in Montana, in the USA. His birth sign is Pisces and, of course, belongs to the nationality of an American. He is recognized among his fans for appearing in the series “Life Below Zero”, making him a reality television superstar.

More About Him

He relies mainly on trapping, fishing, and hunting, and this was displayed in that famous Life Below Zero series. The series ends with his visit in the deepest experiences on his visit to Alaska, that that has made Hailstone fall in love with mother nature, and that he promised to himself that he would come here to Alaska again.

Family And Early Life

Chip is the only son of Mary and Don Hailstone and was brought up by them. His father also knew how to live in extremely hard living conditions. However, he has said in an interview that he wants people that Alaska is not at all that dangerous— and even some of the parts even had roads and WiFi.

At the age of 19 in 1988, he first visited Alaska and intended to stay there temporarily, but later, he decided to stay there permanently soon. Then his livelihood depended on hunting, and only a little more information about his early life was available. Also, there needs to be more information about his educational background because he did not disclose anything to the media. He may have studied in the high school. From a young age, he started to learn tricks for hunters from his parents. Now he is 54 years old.

The Professional life of Chip Edward Hailstones

Edward and his lifestyle have been documented by the Nat Geo TV reality show named Life below zero. The TV show’s primary focus is to objective the real everyday life of the hunters living in remote areas in Alaska. BBC produced the show, which aired on the National Geography channel worldwide. In 2013, he again joined the cast of the show. He has appeared in the show for more than 129 episodes till 2020. Some other cast of, Jessi Holmes, Andy Bassich, Sue Aikens, Erik Salitan, and Gleen Villeneuve, have left the show.


Chip has not spoken anything about any of his previous and past relationships. He is married to Agnes since the year 1990, who was also a regular series, and he is the father of five daughters with his wife. Before meeting his wife, Agnes was married to another man, and from that relationship, she had a couple of sons. His wife took birth in 1872; she is 48 years old and was born in Alaska.

Life Of Their Children

They live in conditions below zero degrees, and their five daughters Iriqtaq, Tinmiaq, Caroline, Mary, and Quran, have proper education. Iraq studies in college and is quite active in numerous sports during his high school. Chip’s a grandfather, as her daughter Iriqtaq gave birth to a child.

Chip has two sons, Doug and Jon Carter, from his wife’s previous relationship; later, he adopted them and became a legal father. Now both of his sons are married and have their children. They are living far away from him. All of his studies were in the local high school in their hometown.


Chip found the wrong side of the law in 2011 because he physically assaulted his 17-year-old daughter. He also claimed that his neighbor had pointed a gun toward his son.

In 2011, Hailstone got into controversy when she alleged a stage trooper taking undue advantage of one of his daughters and tried to molest her. She stated that it is one of the most disgusting things that has ever happened to any of his family members. However, another trooper, who witnessed it all from a distance, said that his claims are false. Respectively in 2012, Chip was arrested and had to go to jail for more than a year. He was found guilty again in 2016 and was hence ordered for another long stay in jail. Some of his fans who became concerned about his euphoria of hunting and killing way too much can reflect on how he might treat his daughters, five of them, and his wife. One more controversy can come up was related to one of Chip’s co-star, named Andy Bassich, who claimed that Chip is a man who is disrespectful towards his wife and children.

He spent ten months in jail and was released in 2017 spring; later, in December 2017, he got clear. After he came out of jail, he got permission to appear in the television show Life Below Zero, and he got permission then continued to be part of the.

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Net Worth

The net worth of Chip Hailstone is 100,000 US dollars.

Body measurement of Chip Hailstones

Chip Edward Hailstones has a standing height of 5 feet 8 inches, but there is no infroamtion about his weight as he has been living for a long time in the cold place named Alaska, which has made him look fairer at times. He has a pair of blue eyes, and his hair color is auburn. Chip’s birth sign is Pisces, and no information is available regarding his body measurements, such as the chest, waist, biceps, shoe, and dress size.

Social media presence of Chip Edward Hailstones

Chip is very active on social media platforms and will indicate that his life is not totally disconnected from the modern world. He has more than 420 followers on his Twitter account, and his user name is @hailstonechip. His Instagram account has more than 500 followers, and he will use it to upload more photos of himself and his family members. Mostly he will use to post his family trip pictures with beautiful scenery in the area. Chip has a YouTube channel with more than 886 subscribers, and he will often use it to upload more of his videos and post his daily vlogs.

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