Building materials are the most important pillar

We know that there is a wide variety of materials to use in construction. But choosing the most suitable for your construction site is not an easy task. In most cases, the selection of Brock White materials is carried out by the design team, led by an architect and a civil engineer, which ensures that the chosen materials meet specific requirements for construction.

Things to consider when buying construction material:

  • External factors

The starting point is to consider external factors that can affect the material during its life cycle; a clear example is the climate of the place to be built.

  • Availability:

In some situations, transporting the material to the job site can be even more expensive than purchasing the material.

  • Appearance

Before buying any material, you should consider the final finish you want to obtain and make sure that it will look good with the rest of the design. Orlando Resorts Rental, Some materials help reduce finishing costs for specific conditions.

  • Maintenance

It is necessary to evaluate this point closely; as responsible builders, we must think about reducing as much as possible the costs after the development of the project.

  • Durability

The choice of visually attractive materials must be made cautiously since many of them are designed to decorate rather than resist outdoor exposure and are very prone to rain or solar radiation.

  • Bonus: Sustainability

Although there is not much talk about choosing sustainable materials in traditional construction, the negative effects of construction on the environment have prompted construction companies to seek alternatives that eliminate or reduce the impact on the environment and the context in which they operate. This is why several manufacturers have developed options that seek to preserve the environment and reduce implementation time.

Choose the appropriate materials for your construction and avoid unforeseen events.

The choice of materials to use in your construction is an issue that should not be taken lightly. Taking the time to consider the factors above can save you a lot of trouble and resources during the construction process.

  • Construction iron or steel

The Construction iron or corrugated iron is the primary material when building a house because it gives stability when an earthquake occurs, preventing the house from falling or collapsing. You must know that construction irons must have “creases” on their surface since they facilitate their adherence to concrete. Similarly, it must be grade 60 to resist earthquakes.

Each iron is 9 m long. The irons have different diameters; the most used in a house are 6 mm, 3/8 “, 1/2” and 5/8 “. Aceros Arequipa guarantees that its products comply with all regulations, offering you a product of the best quality and with a guarantee.

  • Cement

It is a material that, combined with sand, stone and water, produces a mixture called concrete, which can harden to the consistency of a rock. You can find cement in 42.5 kg bags, there are different brands and types, and it is usual for their characteristics to be printed on the bags. The most used are type I and IP. It may interest you:

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  2. Trench and drawer stone

Trench stones are stones of an angular or rounded shape that are added to the foundation’s concrete. They can measure up to 25 cm across or in diameter. The caisson stone is added to the concrete of the abutments (10 cm maximum). Both must be clean and free of impurities when used.

  • Coarse sand and fine sand

You must know that the coarse sand must be free of dust or salts; it must not have a very dark appearance. Its particles can reach a maximum size of 5 mm. For no reason should you use sea sand? Its particles must have a full size of 1 mm. It would help if you acquired the sand in guaranteed quarries.

  • Concrete

It is composed of a mixture of coarse sand and stone crushing in similar proportions. Its cost is cheaper than buying the two elements separately, but its use is restricted to low-strength concretes, such as foundations and false floors.

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