Brittney Payton Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In the state of the US and 1985, on December 25, Brittney Payton took birth. Brittney is an American woman, and she has received massive popularity because of her works as a TV host and reported. Presently, Brittney has been working in a FOX 32 TV network.

Childhood and Education by Brittney Payton

Brittney spent her whole life in the United States, where she was born and raised. Her mother, Connie, was a stay-at-home parent, and her father, Walter Payton, is a member of the NFL Hall of Fame. Brittney’s brother, Jarrett Payton, also works as a sports reporter for the WGN 9 Network. As a young child, Brittney was exposed to much information about the world around her because of her father and her sister. As a senior, she was well-known across the community since her well-known father was a legend in American football.

Brittney’s interest mainly developed in the journalism field, and her family always used to see her doing reporting on TV. However, Brittney has got lots of appreciation during her college times, and she finished her matriculation; after that, Brittney joined Chicago DePaul University, located in Illinois City. In 2008, Brittney completed her graduation in communication subject.

Love Life and Personal matters of Brittney Payton

Brittney dated Jorden Benson for five years, and finally, in 2013 July, they tied in a knot with each other. They got married on the football ground, and only a few family members with some of the closest persons attend that wedding. Both Brittney and Jordan have a cute daughter together name is Blair Hazel Benson. It was a rumor that in 2013, Brittney dated a reporter, but Brittney denied it. And at present, Brittney, with her family, is living happily in Illinois of Chicago City.

Brittney Payton’s career as a Television Host and Reporter

Brittney started her career in the entertainment industry while still a student by completing internships at FOX and then ABC. After completing her internship, the Big 10 Network offered Brittney a full-time position. There, she served as a presenter and reporter for about a year and a half before moving on to WGN-TV to anchor the show “Chicago’s Best.” After hosting more than 250 episodes of the programme and gaining a position at the FOX 32 network, where she is currently a part of the team and is best known as an anchor on their “Good Day Chicago” show, Brittney was recognised with a Chicago Emmy in 2013 for her efforts. The award was given in recognition of her contributions to the television industry in Chicago.

Brittney’s father and sister are two of the people who have been influential in her decision to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. She has hosted the Walter Payton Man of the Year award presentation on the NFL Network for several years (the distinction is given to the Super Bowl’s rising star) and often contributes to the network. Brittney hosts several different sports programmes, including “Bears Unleashed,” a television series that focuses on the Chicago Bears football club, the team that her late father loved the most, as well as other sports programmes. Brittney is not an actress, although she has starred in the television programmes “A Football Life,” which was recorded in 2011, and “The Rookie Handbook,” produced in 2016. However, she does not consider herself to be an actor.

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Hobbies and interests of Brittney Payton

When she is not working as a reporter or anchor, Brittney participates in many activities since she has so much free time. Brittney is a huge shopper and fan of keeping up with the latest fashion trends. She readily admits that she has a shopping addiction and regularly shops for new clothes. Brittney serves as an emcee for large brands like McDonald’s and Nike and as a marketing ambassador for these companies, in addition to her roles as an emcee for these firms. Brittney is a family woman who likes spending time with her husband and child, but she recently said in an interview that she also values time spent alone. Although Brittney is a family person who values family time, she also values time spent by herself. She longs to be free to travel around the United States by herself, where she may connect with nature and the people who live there, but before she can do so, she has to take care of the duties she has right now.

Interesting facts about Brittney Payton

  • Brittney Payton was recognised and awarded a Chicago Emmy for her work, contributing to the series Chicago’s Best.
  • Her brother, Jarrett Payton, also works in television sports coverage, and her father, Walter Payton, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • She is a married woman and the mother of one child. She is also a member of the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation.
  • She maintains an active profile on several popular websites and even has a blog.

Appearance and net worth of Brittney Payton

Brittney’s age is 33 years. Brittney’s hair and eyes are both blacks. Brittney’s height is 6ft 1.83m tall, and her height is not known. As per a detailed report, the net worth of Brittney Payton is available over $1 million.

Brittney Payton’s Social Media Presence

Brittney is an active member of all her social media accounts. Because of the significance of social media to Brittney’s career as a reporter and TV personality, she ensures that she has a powerful presence on several of the most popular platforms. More than 17,000 people follow Brittney’s Twitter account. However, Brittney’s Instagram page is followed by greater than 24,000 people, and Brittney shares more than 920 pictures on her Instagram. Although, 65,000 fans follow Brittney’s Facebook account. Brittney created her website where you can find all details about Brittney Payton. In addition, Brittney has created a personal website that may be accessed by anybody interested in acquiring further information about her, seeing examples of her work, and communicating with her if they have any inquiries or feedback.

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