Best affordable MBA course in singapore for students

The MBA degree is one of the most popular degrees being pursued by students in Singapore. This post lists some affordable MBA courses in Singapore for working professionals to consider while planning their careers. The list includes:


This is an affordable MBA course offered by the famous NUS University in Singapore. This program is ranked among the top MBA courses in the Asia Pacific. The fees for this program are around SGD12,000 per semester, which comes up to an annual fee of SGD24,000.

NUS MBA requires a minimum commitment of 1 year. However, students can pursue this course for as long as three years.

A unique feature of NUS MBA is that it allows students to specialize and focus their studies on a subject (or even industry) of choice. The first two semesters will be more general, which means you choose your specialization in the last two semesters.

2. SIM Global Education

This is another affordable MBA course in Singapore offered by SIM University, which ranks among the top 10 universities in Singapore. The yearly fee for this program is around SGD30,000. This includes tuition fees, the cost of textbooks, and even laptop rental.

SIM Global Education offers students an opportunity to do semester exchanges, internships, or study trips. This will help them gain more work experience while studying in Singapore.

The admission process of SIM Global Education is very competitive. Hence, you are advised to choose your specialization carefully. Language Proficiency tests are also not required for students from certain countries.

3. S P Jain School of Global Management

This MBA course offered by the S P Jain School of Global Management ranks among India’s top 20 MBA programs. Indian students can pursue theseaffordable MBA courses in Singapore at an annual fee of INR3,00,000 (equivalent to SGD6,000). This program is delivered via a combination of classroom sessions and distance learning.

The duration of the program is two years, which means the total cost of the program is INR6,00,000. You can also choose to do a specialization, which will push your fee up by another INR1,50,000 per year.

4. SIM University (UniSIM)

The UniSIM MBA deserves mention as it is one of the affordable MBA courses in Singapore for international students. The yearly fee is only SGD17,800 (or INR85,000). However, language proficiency tests are required for overseas students.

The UniSIM MBA is a part-time program that runs on weekends. This allows working professionals to pursue their passion for studying business while working. The courses are delivered via distance learning, which is flexible even for students who travel frequently.

5. NTU Nanyang Business School (NBS)

The NBS MBA ranks among the top 30 MBA programs in the Asia Pacific. It offers a comprehensive course curriculum, along with opportunities to do summer internships and study trips. The total annual fee comes up to SGD32,000.

International students who are non-native speakers of English are charged an additional fee of SGD5,500 per year. It is possible to reduce this cost by accepting the offer of the NBS Summer Scholarship, which is worth SGD2,000.

NTU has two campuses in Singapore that offer the NBS MBA program.

Bottom line

All the affordable MBA courses in Singaporelisted above are open to working professionals. Hence, you can plan your career by pursuing your passion for business with one of these programs. These courses will boost your CV and allow you to earn more professional experience with internships and field trips. Use this list to choose the best affordable MBA courses in Singapore for your needs.

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