Awsten Knight Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Awsten Knight is a prominent rock singer and a lead vocalist and guitarist of the band named Waterparks. He and his other band members have performed in the Otto Wood and Geoff Wigington. Some of the band’s past members are Owen Wood and The Blue Poptarts. Awsten and an ex-bassist band named Wigington first met, and they released their first song Black Light Wigington is the lead guitar, and Otto Wood is a drummer.

Awsten Constantine Knight is also called an Awsten Knight, and he is one of the well-known plus popular guitarists and a singer of Waterparks band in America. In 1992, on January 17 and in the Texas city of Houston, Awsten took birth in the USA country. At a young age, Awsten showed his interest in the music field. And, and he got such a great music inspiration from the band of Sum 41. So, wherever and whatever places Awsten goes, he carries his guitar, and he also writes songs and sings. However, Awsten spent his childhood days in Texas and completed matriculation from High School of Cypress Ridge. Austin went to college and quit while he even started his career to become a musician. But, Awsten received a degree of a doctorate from Sheffield University in Ohio.

Awsten’s family and personal life

Awsten is relatively silent when it comes to his family and personal matter so, there is no such information about his family and personal life. He was born and brought up along with his sister in Houston. Awsten has been interested in music from a young age. He used to listen to the music of the rock bands such as AC/DC and Guns’ n’ Awsten started to listen to music when he watched the film Leon, the Professional. He dedicated himself to starting his listening to the rock genre, and at the age of nine, because of his interest in music in she enrolled him in a music school where he developed his musical skill.

Career Beginning of Awsten

Awsten created his band named The Blue Poptarts. Awsten started his new band named Waterparks in 2011, and Awsten appeared in his band. He performed well in Houston as Warehouse Live with many famous singers and musicians; they were Life as Lions, Invent and DWHB, Animate, and others. In 2014, Awsten produced his Black Light band. In 2016, Awsten, with his band team, produced the next third EP that named Cluster. Again, the first album in 2016, November from Waterpark, was produced by Double Dare music.

Next, Awsten produced the second album is Entertainment, in 2018 on January 26. Waterparks got The Rock Sound Awards for the Best International Breakthrough, and in 2017, they also received Alternative Press Music Awards for signing the best Song of the Year, named Stupid for You. Moreover, Awsten wrote his book. You’d Be Paranoid Too and published all over the world. Like this, Awsten released several books at a time and published them.

Besides singing, Awsten is a writer who used to write books; he wrote a book named You’d Be Paranoid Too in 2018, in which he shared the feeling and depression he faced during one of his band tours. He published the book on June 10, 2019, and it has become a hit.

Awsten’s Personal life

In 2011, Awsten and a woman, Grace, dated each other, but they separated in 2015. Awsten again dated a lady Ciara Hanna, but in 2017 they got separated. Awsten composed a song and uploaded that song on YouTube channel.

They both broke up because she cheated on him, and he broke up after he broke up in his relationship with her. After they break up, he is not in a relationship with anyone and is mainly focused on developing his singing career. He will prefer to share more of his personal life information with anyone, and he needs to keep his personal life away from media attention. There are rumors that Awsten was in a relationship with some singer, but he has not disclosed anything about her relationship.  

Hobbies, exciting facts of Awsten

Awsten’s hair colour is deep blonde, and both eyes have different colours like his left eye’s colour is blue, and his right eye is emerald.  Awsten has worked as a co-host for the podcast named Awsten + Travis’ Slumber Party, along with his friend Travis Riddle. He will not drink alcohol or smoke. He loves to travel and has traveled to many countries with his friends. Awsten loves to watch films in his free time, and his favorite actress and actors are Julianne Moore, Charlize Theron, and Denzel Washington. His favorite movies are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Iron Man, and The Pirates of the Caribbean. Awsten will not follow a strict diet but will try to eat healthy foods and avoid sugar and fast foods.

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Awsten’s Net worth and salary

In 2010, according to a source, the net worth of Awsten was approximately is more than $1 million. But Awsten’s income is increasing day by day from his lucrative career.

Appearance of Awsten

Awsten’s height is around 5ft 10ins (1.78m), and his weight is 154lbs (70kgs). Awsten took birth with a health problem is Heterochromia iridium, and that is why both eyes have different colors.

Social media presences of Awsten Knight

Awsten Knight is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. His Instagram account has earned more than 255 K followers, and he will use it to upload more pictures and videos. Awsten has a YouTube channel that has more than 50 K subscribers. It has more than 100 K views daily; she will use it to upload more of his music videos, and he will also upload more of his daily activities vlogs in it, and sometimes, he will use it to have a live session with his subscribers. On Twitter, Awsten has earned more than 159 K followers, and he will use to upload more of his pictures and videos in it. His Facebook account has earned more than 120 K followers, and he will use it to share his pictures and videos.   

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