Angus Cloud Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Angus Cloud is a top-rated Hollywood personality. He is a famous actor based in America. He earned name and fame from his show entitled ‘Euphoria’, where he performed his ultimate acting skills. Angus has made his appearance in multiple television series, and people loved his first series. Even people well thought-out his resemblance to Mac Miller and that TV series got highly popular where Angus played the role of starting a drug business.

His fans love his performance and appreciate his looks despite the scar that he has on his head. Angus has become the personality that has gained prominence worldwide and not only in the United States. His fans even say that he has a great appearance and looks similar to many superstars.

Euphoria became a viral series across the world, and it is life on many OTT platforms. Sam Levinson produced this world-famous series. Along with Angus, many other superstars worked in Euphoria, including Alexa Damie, Jacob Elordi, and more.

Early Life

Angus Cloud was born in Oakland in 1994. Angus is only a part or nickname derived from his full name. He is Christian and belongs to Caucasian Descent. Angus grew up in a religious family, and his parents have provided great values to him. Both his mother and father work in some prominent universities as professors. He has respect and love for his family. The name of his parents is unknown. At a very young age, Angus said that he wanted to become an actor. He completed his school from regional high school and later joined the showbiz industry.

Career Beginning

Angus is exceptionally dedicated to his career and is currently focusing on the showbiz industry. Now, he is not into any relationship because of being an introvert. Cloud is focusing on making a career in the film industry. He is working on his acting abilities to make them extraordinary. He is only a 25-year old boy that is establishing his career by working on various projects in the film industry. Euphoria is the only best and most popular television series that he has worked into till now.

The successful career path of Angus Cloud

While he was working at the restaurant, the casting director informed him that he had been chosen for the part of Euphoria. After his audition, he started preparing for his role in the HBO series. In addition, he had a brief cameo appearance in the movie “The Perfect Women.” As a direct result of the critical and commercial success of the film Euphoria, he was offered a role in another big motion picture.

In 2019, in the HBO series Euphoria, Angus Cloud was cast in the leading role of Fezco, a teenage drug dealer with a strong sense of ethics. Angus was allowed to co-star alongside Zendaya in a more major part during the second season of the show Euphoria, which was an improvement over the one he had during the first season. In addition, he was seen in the music video for Noah Cyrus’s song “All Three,” released in 2020.

Following a significant amount of consideration, the producers of Euphoria have decided to proceed with a third season of the show. Angus will be reprising the part he played in the previous two seasons. Even though Cloud’s acting career is only getting off the ground, he has already landed a part in “The Things They Carried,” the 2022 film adaptation of Tim O’Brien’s war novel of the same name, published in 1990. There are a lot of different performers in the movie, including Tom Hardy, Tye Sheridan, Stephan James, Pete Davidson, Ashton Sanders, and Bill Skarsgard. The director of the full-length movie was Rupert Sanders. In addition, Cloud will be seen in the Dan Brown-directed horror movie “Your Lucky Day,” which is scheduled to be released in 2022. Cloud will have a co-starring role in the movie.

Various other works of Angus Cloud

In addition to appearing on television and in the movies, Cloud has also been featured in music videos. The next year, in 2020, he had a cameo in the music video for “All Three” by Noah Cyrus, which Tyler Shields directed. Cloud made a cameo in the music video that Steve Cannon filmed for the track “Cigarettes” by Juice WRLD two years later. Cloud represents several different brands, including Polo Ralph Lauren Fragrances.

Personal Life

Cloud is focusing on making a career in the film industry. He is working on his acting abilities to make them extraordinary. He is only a 25-year old boy that is establishing his career by working on various projects in the film industry. Also, he is straight and hasn’t anything to do with the lesbian community. He is quite an active user on Twitter and Instagram and has thousands of fans and followers.

He would love to work with superstars shortly. Currently, Angus is living in California. He is living along with his parents and has never seen any of his girlfriends or female friends. He has a great interest in traveling to different places, and even his favorite place or holiday destination is Miami.

The Net Worth details of Angus Cloud

It has been hypothesised that Angus Cloud’s wealth is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $2 million. It is reasonable to state that he is one of the most promising young actors in Hollywood and will soon be considered one of the best in the business. He is currently one of the most promising young talents in Hollywood. Angus Cloud is doing rather well for himself because of the over $20,000 he earns every month in wages. His acting job is his main source of income. His starring role in the critically acclaimed and commercially successful HBO series Euphoria gave him his first taste of financial success in the acting world. As a consequence of the series’ widespread success, he rose to prominence and amassed a considerable fortune online. Angus Cloud brings home an annual salary of more than 200,000 dollars.

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