Andrew McCollum Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On 26th December 1979, Andrew McCollum was born in California, USA. He is a 41 years old Caucasian with American nationality, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. He is known to the public as a web and software developer, computer scientist, graphic designer, entrepreneur, businessman, and investor. She was one of the founders of Facebook. He has seen many successes as a computer scientist since 2004. 

Early Life And Educational Background 

Andrew was the only child raised in California by her parents of Scottish origins, Dave McCollum, his father, and mother Sally McCollum, but their professions are kept unknown. During her childhood days, McCollum was a person wholly inclined towards technology as its modern aspects. And his education revolved around it; Andrew attended a hometown school for his matriculation, completed in 1997. He then went to the most prestigious college in the United States Of America, Harvard, and from there, he completed his double graduation degrees. 

Illustrious Career

McCollum’s first professional project, which is still considered his most prominent one, is working to develop the social media platform Facebook in 2004. He knew Mark Zuckerberg since his Harvard days, and they both worked to create the Facebook social media. Some crucial aspects of it, such as a blue logo and the icons, were created by this man.  As it required massive effort and time, he paused his Harvard studies, and later he again continued. 

The career of Andrew Mc Collum

Andrew was a Harvard University Student and, as the co-founder of Facebook, will begin at that same time. Andrew Mc Collum became good friends with Mark Zuckerberg at that time. Then both of them attended the classes by joining the same university. They have spent most of their time at Harvard University, and then they used to spend the time on various works such as discussing different projects in her thesis time. Among all kinds of projects directed to Mark Zuckerberg, project Facebook has received more attention in that project collection. For that purpose, Andrew Mc Collum has received an impressive mail for Mark. Later only, he got a mail from Mark during the spring semester at the university.

Mark has requested Andrew Mc Collum to produce the graphics in the email. At the initial moment, Andrew Mc Collum struggled to produce because he needed to be more talented in the graphic designing field. After that, he only dropped out of the university and then concentrated on the project to improve its quality. But he returned to finish her semester in her college. But joining Facebook is one of their lifetime ambitions in her life. After that, he gave her work as input to make a good app functionality used by anyone. Then Andrew Mc Collum and Adam D Angelo combined to make the file-sharing solution on Facebook. And then, that provides the name for this app, and the name of this app is Wirehog. At the start, they face many problems and obstacles in her starting period. Later then, they can be able to overcome slightly step-by-step struggles. The main idea or aim of that team is to produce the best services app for users who are using it from around the world.

Personal Life Of Him

Andrew is quite a secretive person when it comes to his romantic relationship accolades, and it is something which he never really loves to share, at least with the public. But we all know that since 2012 he is married to Gretchen Sisson, a sociologist. They dated for a few years before starting to date, probably since their days as Harvard students. Only friends and very close family acquaintances were invited to their marriage. Since their marriage, Gretchen and Andrew have been living happily together and have two kids, both sons. 

Following the Departure from the Facebook

Andrew Mc Collum quoted from the Facebook app in 2007, and then he attended the semester at Harvard University to finish her degree which he was left during her starting time. Because the site work can be done by him as good at that time and also he is successful in web development. So that the decision that was made by Andrew Mc Collum was the risk and was the point of that idea.

After completing her exam at Harvard University, he created and launched a website in 2009. the name of the website is Job Spice. The website is mainly used by professional workers to create their resumes, cover letters, etc. Many professional users use this app to create a better resume to get a job in any company. When the perfect looks like a perfect way. So a good resume will have the highest authority, and the looking of it is good to see the viewers. As a result, the website has received many positive commands and feedback for its worth. It can happen in a prominent location by the users.

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Some More Facts About Andrew

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Alongside being Facebook’s one of the founders, Andrew is probably its very first user. All the Facebook Account has a hidden ID of Andrew, and it is showed as numbers that get higher by one every time anyone registers for his/her Facebook account. 

There are billions of Facebook accounts all around the world, Andrew has an ID of 26, and it ranges from 14 to 26, but 8,9, and 12 do not exist, and the very first three are Mark’s, which makes Andrew the eighth user of Facebook in history. He is undoubtedly the whole world’s most successful entrepreneur for sure, and that has earned him the place of one of the most outstanding contemporary computer scientists too. 

Notable Achievements

 McCollum has achieved notable achievements throughout his career. Some of my achievements are co-founding Facebook, providing its first graphic designer and an investor for the particular tech industry, etc. 

Net Worth

He has a whopping net worth of 20 million US dollars of early 2020, earned from his illustrious career, as mentioned above. 

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