Alberto Ammann Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On October 20th, 1978, Alberto Amman took birth in Cordoba, a known city in Argentina, which comes under the zodiac sign of Libra. His father was Louis Alberto Amman, a journalist, writer, and politician, while his mother, Nélida Rey, was a housewife. Albert was raised as a single child as he has no siblings and is the loving only child of his parents.

Alberto enrolled at the very well-known Juan Corazza Carlos Studio of Acting, and he was given acting lessons by Ricky Caballos, Rubens Andaler, and Willy Lanni. Alberto, since childhood, participated in many acting workshops with Jolie Libois and GullermoLanni.

Alberto’sAlberto’s Family Info

In the year 1978, Alberto’s parents moved to Spain with Alberto when he was just a month old to escape the Argentine military terrific dictatorship. The neutral family of three members started to live in Spain for about four years, and then they decided to return to Argentina in the year 1982.

Personal details of Alberto Ammann

The character Alberto in the show “Narcos” is a homosexual. Because of a sexually heated moment between his character and a male love interest in the third season’s first episode, some viewers may have believed that Alberto is gay. This may have been the case because of the encounter. Even though Alberto presents as a very attractive man, the fact that he has never had a love attachment to a male show that he is straight. There are speculations that he sees a Spanish make-up artist named Clara Méndez-Leite. Clara was working as a make-up artist for the cast of “The Invader.”

In addition to that, they made contributions to the television series “Apaches.” 2012 was when relationship speculations between Alberto and Clara began to spread like wildfire. On December 20, 2016, Alberto tweeted a snapshot of them with “Amor,” the Spanish word for “love.” This may have verified that Alberto is in a romantic relationship with Clara. On May 20, 2017, Alberto and Clara revealed the start of an acting school titled “Interpretation School” on Alberto’s Instagram account. He shared a picture of Clara and a statement providing useful information about the organisation.

On September 11, 2017, Alberto posted a picture on Instagram of himself and Clara taking it easy in the warm weather while reading books outside on the grass. On June 2, 2018, Clara uploaded a picture on social media showing herself and Alberto at a charity event.

Professional details of Alberto Ammann

To attend the Theatre Seminary Jolie Libois, Alberto returned to Spain. Kuranda, a Spanish talent agency, held a contest to find fresh talent, and Alberto was one of the winners, earning him a position on the firm’s Caras Nuevas list. Alberto’s career began on stage before he made the transition to film. In Ricardo Ceballos’s production of “Las Brujas de Salem” (The Crucible), he played one of the townspeople.

In 2008, Alberto made his acting debut on the NBC series “Plan America.” The Spanish film “Cell 211,” in which he starred in 2009. Alberto won the Spanish equivalent of the SAG Award and the Spanish Academy Award for his performance. In 2009, “Cell 211” was the most popular movie in theatres.

Following the success of “Cell 211,” Alberto landed the lead role in the Spanish and Brazilian production of “Lope” in 2010, in which he portrayed Lope de Vega, a Spanish poet, and dramatist active in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Alberto co-starred in Kike Maillo’s 2011 science-fiction film “Eva,” with Daniel Bruhl. In the 2012 thriller “Invader,” he played a Spanish military doctor who goes to Iraq to attempt to broker peace.

Hernán A. Godfrid, who directed the thriller “Tesis Sobre Un Homicidio,” and Daniel Calparsoro, who directed “Invader,” were both pleased by Alberto’s performance and gave him roles in their respective follow-up films. That same year, Alberto also co-starred alongside Ricardo Darin. Alberto has his debut part in English in the 2013 science fiction thriller “Mindscape,” directed by Jorge Dorado. After starring in “Betib,” directed by Miguel Coha, Alberto travelled back to Argentina to act in “Oliver’s Deal,” starring Stephen Dorff and Barney Elliot, in Peru in 2014.

Recent works of Alberto Ammann

Beginning on August 28, 2015, Alberto starred as the protagonist in “Narcos,” an American-Colombian Netflix series about the life and times of Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura). Alberto portrayed Hélmer “Pacho” Herrera, the rival drug lord and leader of the Cali cartel, in the film. Alberto’s performance was largely responsible for his meteoric rise to prominence.

Before starring in the Antena 3 miniseries “Apaches,” based on the best-selling book by Miguel Sáez Carral, Alberto portrayed scientist Javier Delgado in the second season of “Mars” in 2016. Javier was a member of the first trip to Mars. In 2018, the “Narcos” spinoff “Narcos: Mexico,” which also deals with illicit drug trafficking, had Alberto reprising his role as Pacho Herrera, one of the four Cali bosses of 1983.

Is it true that Alberto Ammann is gay?

After the conclusion of the Narcos series, there were rumours that Alberto Ammann was gay. Still, no evidence has surfaced to support the claim because he keeps his personal affairs and romantic relationships secret. Aside from the rumours, he does not appear to have a wife, children, or girlfriend. However, once it was discovered that there was no proof, the rumours quickly faded away.

Alberto Ammann’s Honours and Awards

In 2010, Alberto was selected as the year’s best new actor for his performance as Juan Oliver in Cell 211.

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Interesting facts about Alberto Ammann

He left Argentina for Spain when he was a year old, escaping the military dictatorship. While his Argentine peers attended elementary and secondary school in their home country, he studied abroad in Spain. At 43, actor and theatrical artist Alberto Ammann Rey signed on for more film and television roles. He has a successful job and a fulfilling personal life.


Alberto belongs to a mixed ethnic group and possesses brown-colored eyes and hair. His exact height, weight, and vital statistics are still unknown.

Net Worth

Alberto’snet worth is around 1 million US dollars, and he earns about 700,000 dollars annually or even more.

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