6 Ways Remote Refrigeration Control Boosts System Performance

Remote Refrigeration Control is a platform for control and monitoring of your clients’ HVAC systems. It’s fully internet-based and allows both your and your customers to have complete remote access to an HVAC system and perform various maintenance and monitoring operations without having to be directly on-site. 

This is a big time-saver that offers an intuitive and streamlined solution to an otherwise potentially complicated endeavor. What’s More, your customers can use RRC from any internet browser and from any place around the world where they have internet access. Some of the functions your clients can perform include temperature monitoring and control and parameter modification

How Does Remote Refrigeration Control Improve System Performance?

Remote Refrigeration Control helps your customers enhance the performance of their heating and air conditioning systems through a combination of advanced features that allow for easier and streamlined operations. It’s important to know what you can expect if you partner with a dependable provider of Heatcraft RRC solutions: 


The first feature of Remote Refrigeration Control that enhances system performance is its advanced scheduling capabilities. First, your customers can choose different temperature setpoints that will automatically turn their HVAC unit on or off depending on the seasonality, production times, or the current demand for heating or air conditioning.

What’s more, they can also schedule alternating times from spare units and the main unit that will ensure that each unit is operating properly and per their desired specifications. 

Time Savings

Remote Refrigeration Control saves precious time for resolving different issues with heating and air conditioning systems through a combination of an advanced system for sending alarms and reports and capability for remote problem resolution. 

This allows your customers to react almost instantaneously, remotely resolve a minor issue without having to go on-site, and keep their HVAC unit operating at optimal capacity without unnecessary interruptions. 


RRC sends out automatic alarms to your customers in case there’s a problem with the system. This allows them to perform preemptive actions that result in increased maintenance promptness and efficiency by preventing more serious issues from developing. 

Being proactive and not reactive significantly enhances maintenance procedures and cuts down on costs associated with regular in-depth maintenance. 


RRC collects and sends detailed reports to your customers that contain several vital types of information. The information your customers will receive includes summarized info on system diagnostics, equipment status, and temperature fluctuations. 

Also, a 24-hour report will include run time of the evaporator fans and the compressor in percentages, total number of compressor starts, as well as the average temperatures. Finally, your customers can also monitor this data constantly, as it is real-time. 


Besides displaying and sending out all this information, Remote Refrigeration Control also collects and organizes data into detailed graphs for each individual unit. It also grants quick access to all this information which makes every audit easier and more efficient, freeing your customers from the hassle of having to collect and organize data on their own. 

Saving Energy

RRC saves energy by allowing for detailed monitoring, which allows your customers to improve system optimization by detecting and correcting potential system faults. Also, RRC features intelligent management of setbacks, anti-condensate healers, and evaporator fans, which can reduce operating costs by 50%. 

Convenience & Support

Finally, RRC offers enhanced convenience and cutting-edge technical support. It allows your customers to seamlessly switch between bypass and run modes that are used for diagnosing and servicing different issues. 

For additional convenience, your customers can access their Remote Refrigeration Control from anywhere in the world, which leads to more efficient operations and control. The only requirement is internet connection. This means they can use their mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer. 

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