6 Trends Redefining Game Design

Technology is changing everything these days. Cars are now basically computers on wheels, we all have a powerful computer in our back pocket and when we play video games it is so realistic, we feel like we are actually inside the game. 

Long gone were the times when we had to connect a gaming console to the family’s precious television to play some (nowadays considered) primitive game. Gaming paraphernalia are now complex, awesome, and, unfortunately quite expensive — but what a difference they make! In this article, we will discuss some elements of the latest gaming technology with Polish iGaming expert Klara Czerwinska, of whom you can read more here

Current Online casino game design trends


If you checked out a game that was created in the 90s you would be surprised how rough around the edges everything seems. Graphic design has gone a long way since then and powerful computers can process much more data than 3 decades ago. This will make the characters of a fighting game much more realistic – similar to watching a movie. 

Graphics have formed the online gaming industry as well. Think about the slot machines that we could play in online casinos in the late 90s. Most of them were simple fruit machines with not much of an imagination. Nowadays, slot machines or automaty online na pieniadze in Polish often feature lively animations, different bonus rounds, and further betting options apart from the base game. 

Screen resolution

Every time a new screen resolution comes out, we think things can’t possibly get any better. First, LCD screens appeared, then came HD, then 4K, and now there is 8K. Gaming console manufacturers such as Sony and Microsoft keep adapting their games to these new screen resolution figures so, over time, serious players will want to upgrade their Playstation 3 to Playstation 4 and 5 and their Xbox One to Xbox One S. 

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is the ultimate immersive gaming experience — at least for now. Put on a headset and be transported anywhere, be it the Sahara desert, the depth of the ocean, or another planet. VR games are the ultimate technological games as creating these games is very complex. Everything is possible with VR. This technology is not only used in gaming, but in education, training, medicine, and more. 

At the moment though, VR has its limitations. First of all, the headsets are still pretty expensive, and you need to have a lot of space around you if you want to avoid bumping into things. Extended wear can also cause nausea, so evening-long gaming sessions are out of the question. Over the years, we will see how VR improves and what new possibilities it might bring. 

Motion control

With certain video games, you can actually work out or practice a skill – as we have seen with Wii. Similar to VR, with motion controllers in your hands, you feel like you are participating in the game and your skills do matter. It is good for kids, good for those who don’t get a chance to exercise otherwise, and it can even cheer up a party!

Mobile technology

Mobile technology has brought the games even closer to us and with unlimited data packages quickly becoming standard around Europe (also in Poland) a quick game is always at hand. Several popular video games are now available in mobile play and can be enjoyed anytime anywhere. These games can be anything from complex shooting games to Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, or online casino games. 

Social gaming and esports

Video gaming used to be a loner pastime of nerdy teenage boys. Things have changed a lot over the years. Now gaming platforms allow for complex multi-player gaming and we can actually make friends who are in another part of our country or even on another continent! 

Esports have popularized video gaming and those who are good at it can make serious money while millions stream the tournaments on Twitch. Gaming has become a cool hobby that is enjoyed by hundreds of millions around the globe. 


Video gaming is constantly changing thanks to new gaming technologies. Virtual reality, motion control, better and better computing power, and screen resolution are just the tip of the iceberg, and it is impossible to predict what the future will bring. 

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