6 Reasons to Convert Word to PDF

Technological advances changed our way of life. With the birth of mobile devices, the world wide web and internet connectivity, work, and even play had taken a new shape. None wants to go back to the tech-free era. Technology’s convenience becomes a necessity and a preference for everyone, whether at the workplace or at home. Moreover, technology becomes an essential part of file management.

Countless professionals and individuals in various work rely on Microsoft Office to collaborate, send or receive important files, etc. It becomes a famous tool for everyone, but this format has its downfalls. These downfalls are why a company created a new file format – the Portable Document Format or PDF. This article, Word to PDF Conversion: 6 Reasons to Do So, will discuss the benefits of such conversion. 

Reasons to Convert Word to PDF

1.   Easy Access

It is number one on the list why converting Word to PDF is a must. Though most people acknowledge Microsoft as the leading operating system, you may have issues accessing it using other operating systems. For instance, you might have trouble opening Microsoft Word files using Apple products.

With PDF, this will never be an issue you have to face. You can access your file with this format using any hardware, software, or operating system.

2.   Word Does Not Preserve Its Format

Word files are not flexible enough to preserve or keep visual elements such as graphics, images, texts, or fonts that you placed in your document. This is why many people prefer PDF to a Word format. PDF does precisely the opposite. It consistently holds its format and its other details, no matter what device you use to open it. At the same time, there is no issue when producing a hard copy using different printers.

Sharing using a Word format can also be problematic with the format. Files are very vulnerable to unwanted and unnecessary changes when using Word. PDF solves all of these.

3.   PDF Is A Secured File Format

PDF supports data and file encryption which secures your document from many factors. It offers a safe way of sharing or sending your data across all platforms or devices. As a result, the data is kept private and confidential as much as possible.

However, there are instances that you need to use online tools for your PDFs. Well, you still do not have to overthink about security. There are online tools that protect through password features. GogoPDF provides your file with ultimate protection through its Protect PDF tool.

4.   PDF Saves You Storage Spaces

PDF files are relatively smaller in size compared to Word documents. This file size comes with some benefits. Since it is comparably smaller in size, a PDF saves you space on your storage. At the same time, sharing a PDF is faster compared to sending a Word file.

5.   You Can Integrate Non-Text Elements Easily

PDFs allow users to include links in the file. These links can be accessed in the viewer’s web browser when opening the document on a mobile device or computer.

6.   Simple and Fast to Create

This file type is quick and straightforward to create. Conversion of Word to PDF is accessible through online tools like GogoPDF. This online converter provides you with a hassle-free and time-saving conversion.

GogoPDF: Word to PDF Conversion

Take note of these steps and have a newly converted file in minutes.

Step #1: Type GogoPDF on your browser. You will be directed instantly to the website.

Step #2: Click the icon Word to PDF. 

Step #3: Select your file from your device or your online storage. Please wait for it to finish uploading. GogoPDF will start the conversion immediately. Wait until the converter transforms your Word to PDF.

Step #4: Download and save your converted file on your computer. If you want, copy the link and share it on your social media accounts.

With GogoPDF, converting Word to PDF is never a problem. A secured internet connection and a device are the only things you need to enjoy the perks from GogoPDF.


One cannot deny that Word file is an indispensable tool in the workplace and other fields. It has been a constant companion of many for file creation and file management. Indeed, many people have enjoyed the convenience and assistance that it provides. Nonetheless, just like other software or programs, it has its shortcomings.

Such concern paved the way for the creation of PDF. It is a more secure, reliable, and accessible file format. Still, one should not forget that a Word file is one source of data for creating a PDF. So, one must emphasize that a PDF file offers better features but stems from creating a Word document. Lastly, they share popularity among users and are the most common tools for document creation and sharing.

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