5+ Online Tools to Detect Plagiarism in Your Content

Plagiarism is described as: “The use of ideas, concepts, words, or sentences without correctly acknowledging the source to prosper in a writing where your creativity is anticipated.”

Other scholars generally define scholarly plagiarism as academic dishonesty, i.e. copying other writers’ words or ideas.

Its consequences cannot be ignored in academics as it is considered highly unethical.

It is important to avoid plagiarism

A new study has found that approximately 30 percent of the posts produced have duplicate content.

For those writers creating the original material, it is disappointing news of course.

It is hurting that after a lot of hard work, you strive tirelessly to build excellent content and someone was waiting for it to get published on the internet so that he or she could sneak up on it to copy and paste it.

The original writer can take strict legal action at any time on stealing his/her content/research article.

Therefore, checking the plagiarism of your research paper after writing your study paper, which would demonstrate the originality of the paper.

Use of plagiarism checker

A Plagiarism Checker for a research paper is a useful technique for researchers as well as for professors.

Free plagiarism checker for researchers today can also catch all copied or paraphrased sentences in research papers easily.

The best plagiarism checker employs Innovative approaches to check your papers with all online resources such as magazines, books, directories, and other study papers written and published on the internet. They also, at the same time, eliminate false positives.

For a wide variety of users rather than only schools and universities, a plagiarism checker with a percentage may be useful.

For percentage and larger word files, people use free or premium versions of plagiarism checkers.

  • Journalists

Journalists are generally responsible for delivering reporting the facts that are accurate and truthful.

Researchers can take a great help with any plagiarism checker while writing the research articles.

Journalists should understand the precise amount of plagiarism of their work before posting it, and then fix it if the percentage is over a certain level.

  • Academics

In educational institutions, using a free and paying plagiarism tool has become a necessity because it is quite hectic for professors to evaluate the research of students for plagiarism.

The plagiarism checkers contrast the research with other research papers, books and any other related content available online.

A free plagiarism checker for academic papers is useful for educational institutions since it is nearly impossible to manually check the research paper of each student.

  • Writers

Content writers, bloggers who are writing for their website or doing consulting work for other companies ought to make sure they are creating 100% original content.

By utilizing free online plagiarism checkers with percentages, this job has become easy now. It is quite likely that a few lines may be close to the content on rival websites here and there.

So, you should set a plagiarism threshold. If your written content material has more than that amount of plagiarized content, you need to make significant changes to it.

Online tools to avoid plagiarism

You have to be sure that the content is high quality and plagiarism-free if you want to be treated seriously online.

With SEO, actual content still rates higher, because if you copy the work of someone else, Google will penalize you.

Here is the list of plagiarism checkers that can assist you in creating plagiarism free content.

1.      Turnitin


Tunitin is a free software for plagiarism checking that is used to identify repeated text in a file.

This tool is working best forboth desktop users as well as smartphone users. Itgivesfast, reliable, and accurate within a few seconds.

For plagiarism checking, you can easily copy-paste the text, or upload the Docx or text file and run it.

Although turnitin has the abilityof 1000 words per search, to validate plagiarized text, therefore, you may break the long articles into multiple sections for checking through this app.

2.      Prepostseo


It is a well-known plagiarism checking tool that you can use to easily check the uniqueness of your content.

It tells you aboutyour text either it is original or copied/paraphrased from somewhere else.

This plagiarism checker involves brief checking of your content across millions of online resources, journals, blogs, articles, and web pages.

The Prepostseo plagiarism detection tool highlights it in red with the corresponding source if the sentence already exists online.

And then, the result will be shown in the percentage of plagiarized content and unique content.

It’s a free online plagiarism checker that gives outcomes with a percentage that after a complete scan displays the uniqueness of the material.

3.      Unicheck


For all the writers, researchers who are asked to provide copy-free content for publishing, Unicheck is an ideal alternative to Copyscape and other plagiarism checkers.

For researchers, the software is strongest and appears to be used by more than 1,100 universities.

On their website, there is an incredible amount of college and school students streaming every time. A fair assessment is user reviews because, with around 4.5 stars, most users score the technique and enjoy its precision, convenience, and extensive database.

Unicheck has a specialized feature, unlike most methods, to recognize and correct plagiarism and it does so excellently well.

4.      Plagiarize checker


It is another free plagiarism identification tool with a limitation of 2000 words per quest.

The free edition includes the standard functionality, but there are a few extra features in the paid version, including unrestricted use, full website checker, and API access.

The Plagiarize Checker premium edition costs about $9, but if you are lucky, you can find discounts.

5.      Copyscape


Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker that is available for you to test out for free. All you need to do is enter a URL and this tool will let the content on that page be checked for plagiarism to the rest of the web.

If simply you need a tool for checking your daily posts, the free version would work fine for you, but the premium version offers a lot more features.

The paid version of Copyscape comes with some additional features such as it allows its users

  • for bulk plagiarism checking
  • complete control to highlight copy/pasted text in your content
  • checking your whole website content at once (up to 10,000 pages).



As another outstanding tool for both students and teachers. It works best to check if any content has been re-written, copied, or stolen, and this is done by comparing the content samples against billions of internet websites.

Whitesmoke is a thorough application that often tests for spelling and punctuation as well. They say that they “detect more mistakes than any other instrument.”

Whitesmoke is a tool based on Windows which operates on any applications that are compliant with Microsoft.

What is a good plagiarism score?

You must usually predict a 0 percent score, which would mean that the entire text was plagiarism-free and original.

However, in terms of acceptability, most editors and scholars deem anything less than 15 percent to be acceptable.

Wrapping up

A significant method for students and instructors to search out copied terms and phrases is the best online plagiarism checker. Plagiarism is a disgusting activity that should be discouraged by both creative writers and scholars.

The above-mentioned tools can be used undoubtedly. They work best based on your preferences and offer you everything you need to make your content is free of errors and plagiarism.

Most will assist you to brush up on your errors and improve your writing skills so that no matter what you are saying, you sound your best.

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