4 Best Document Editing Tools for Teachers and Students 2021

Document editing tools for scholars have increased in popularity during recent years as several students have increased their usage of the Internet due to online learning. The internet has created a huge database filled with millions of items and information ranging from information on sports to art and practically everything in between.

People who are interested in writing about a particular topic will certainly be able to locate hundreds, or even thousands, of articles written about that particular topic. As a result, documents are created, downloaded and might need editing. Not just for students or teachers but internet users in general. One solution that has become increasingly popular among these students is the utilization of specialized software designed to aid the composition of their papers. Here are the best editing tools you can find on the internet.

1.  GogoPDF

GogoPDF is an online editing tool that helps you convert PDF files into Word documents. It can do more than just converting PDFs – it’s an all-in-one solution for any pdf editing need you may have. You can as well use it to delete pages from PDF. It is a free web-based editor that will Split, Extract, Combine and Unlock files.

GogoPDF can split a document in different ways, fix misaligned texts and remove blank pages. You can even apply formatting to each cell or the entire document for a more tailored look. It is definitely worth the few dollars it costs to use this program.

The great thing about GogoPDF is that it is affordable, plus there is a seven-day free trial for you to test their service- It is safe to use, fast to load, and offers several useful features.

2.  Hemingway Editor

Hemingway is an editor that helps you edit your written document for a better output. Many people in the academic writing world use it to help them to format their essays or papers. Users can customize the way that the text looks so that it will appeal to the reader.

With Hemingway, you can identify and change poor sentence structures, edit your titles and paragraphs.  In essence, it gives you the ability to make your academic writing much easier to read and much more professional in appearance. If you are a student, you probably would not be able to afford the paid versions of all these tools and software. A trial version severely limits usage to all the features that make using such a software worthwhile. A better and easier alternative is to use platforms like The Pirate Bay and download the software. The download and installation process is easy and you get cracked filed with product keys which are available for easy setup and complete usage. 

3.  Grammarly

Grammarly is a leading American-based, Ukrainian online technology firm that offers a full range of document management tools. It finds spelling, grammar, and other most common mistakes in documents easily. It offers features that include a spell checker, grammar and punctuation checker, and thesaurus. Grammarly guarantees that the final document is as error-free as possible.

A unique feature offered by Grammarly that sets it apart from its competitors is its “suggestion” function. This function enables the user to replace an error in a sentence by just clicking on the suggestion offered by Grammarly. A “proofreading” function allows the user to edit and proofread the document and also get a score. Grammarly also has an excellent customer service reputation that helps its customers with any technical difficulties or questions they may have.

Using Grammarly is easy, the writer creates a free account and uses the Grammarly proofreading software to create a document. If there are spelling and/or grammar errors, the writer can “proofread” the document using the provided suggestions. It is a useful document editing tool for both teachers and students alike.

4.  Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is one of the first collaboration platforms designed for the cloud environment. It has features that allow you to collaborate on documents and projects in real-time. Documents can be edited while working using Microsoft 365. You can even edit and share PowerPoint presentations and Word documents, as well as Excel spreadsheets and text documents.

This feature is very useful when you need to edit or share documents and other worksheets on the go. On the whole, Microsoft 365 provides you with an all-around solution to collaboration, document storage, and sharing. SharePoint in Office 365 is widely used as a document management system. Learn more about migrate sharepoint 2013 to sharepoint online and Tenant to Tenant Migration Office 365 SharePoint.

In Conclusion

Document editing tools for scholars can provide all sorts of assistance in the process of compiling their various written works into a presentable academic composition. Some of the more popular tools include word processors such as Microsoft office 365.

In addition to helping students compose and write their papers, these types of tools will also allow scholars to insert all types of graphics, photos, charts, and the like into the body of their written work. This allows the student to organize their information and present quality compilations.

There are a number of different document organizing programs available to students today. One popular program is google docs. This tool allows users to easily organize their saved documents into color-coded folders, as well as into subcategories and subtopics. Other tools include Microsoft excel, which is used for creating and saving spreadsheets. There are also other tools available such as Acrobat Reader, which allows students to read PDF documents.

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