Visiting America’s Top Sports Cities

Sports teams are intertwined in the very fabric of their home cities. For cities in the US and around the world, sports are the very thing that keeps a city going. In some places it means tourist revenue and a big portion of the entertainment economy, but for others, it’s deeper than that. Sports are the pride and joy of cities across the US, and the citizens here cherish these teams. If you are interested in venturing to some of the biggest sports cities in the US, these three are among the best. Here you can dive in the history and passion that can only be found in America’s sports cities. 

Dallas, TX

Texas has many different sports teams to its name, and Dallas is the heart of it all. This is a state that is sports crazy, whether it is basketball, ice hockey, soccer or football. Of course, Dallas is the home city for many of the top teams here, like the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA, the Dallas Stars of the NHL, and a whole plethora of minor league teams in every sport.

The biggest team in Dallas also happens to be the most valuable sports brand on the planet. Yes, we are referring to the Dallas Cowboys, once called “America’s team” with an estimated value of $5.7 billion. Their home turf, the AT&T Stadium, is a mecca for sports lovers and it brings thousands of tourists every year that may venture here for a tour, photographs outside, or to enjoy a home game. When you are not taking in the decades of sports history here, you will find that the locals are knowledgeable and passionate and you can have an endearing conversation with them about any professional sport. 

New York City, NY

How can we not mention New York City? Not only does this city have a professional team for every major sport in the country, it likely has several. In the NHL, there are the NY Rangers and the NY Islanders. In the NBA, there is the NY Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. In MLB, the NY Mets are present, but they are often overshadowed by the illustrious NY Yankees, the second most valuable sports franchise on the planet at a value of $5 billion. 

Of course, with as many professional teams as New York has, you can expect the city to be filed with passionate sports fans. The city’s two NFL teams, the NY Giants and NY Jets, have especially large fan bases as their home stadium is actually in nearby New Jersey surprisingly enough. This means they are supported by both New York and New Jersey residents. In the lead up to their games, local sportsbooks even offer free bets and bonuses. Once sports betting takes off in New York, you can expect the residents here will also support the home team when they are able to. This is one city that is definitely worth travelling to if you are a sports fanatic.

Pittsburgh, PA

Dallas and New York are two major cities in the country, but there are plenty of smaller ones that are undeniable sports hotspots. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is one in particular that deserves a mention. For being a small city with a population of 300,000, they have several amazing teams that have managed to bring home numerous championships

The pride of this city has to be the Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the original NFL teams. Throughout almost a century of playing professional football, the team has an astounding 8 Super Bowl championships, as well as countless divisional and conference championships. This is a team that has managed to adapt throughout the decades and the fans here in Pittsburgh are some of the most dedicated in the world. 

Of course, their NHL team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, certainly has their share of history as well. Over 60 years of playing, the team has also brought home 6 Stanley Cup championships. The team is the home of Sidney Crosby, arguably one of the best players in the league today if not the best, and he has played for Pittsburgh for 15 years. Pittsburgh even has a MLB team, the Pirates, rounding out a lineup of sports teams that is certainly impressive for this quaint northeastern city. 

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