Understand what Nature Tourism is

If when you hear about Nature Tourism or Ecotourism, the first image that comes to mind is a difficult trail in the woods or sleeping in tents, better to review your concepts. With the increased interest of travelers in being connected to nature and relaxing, tourism services are improving and offering comfort to tourists who want to know more about the Brazilian flora and fauna.

What to do in Nature Tourism?

Nature tourism encompasses other related activities, such as adventure, educational and outdoor activities. In short, it would be any tourist activities carried out outdoors, and where the tourist has more contact with the environment. Fans of animals, such as birds, can enjoy trips like this to observe them, hear their singing, and take several photos. Adventure fans can enjoy packages with rafting, climbing, forest runs, horseback riding. Even fans of gourmet and high luxury tourism can enjoy nature tourism by visiting highly structured destinations, such as Patagonia, Atacama, Machu Picchu, Amazon, among others. 

Main ecotourism destinations in Brazil

According to the World Economic Forum, Brazil is the country with the greatest potential for nature tourism in the world. In 2014, national parks received 6.6 million visitors, according to the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation. The main destinations for Ecotourism or Nature Tourism here are Fernando de Noronha,ChapadaDiamantina, Bonito and the Amazon and Pantanal Mato-Grossense regions, which already have a wide hotel structure, tourist services with tours, guides, among others.

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Another point of great visitation is the Iguaçu National Park, which in 2014 received about 1.5 million visitors and occupied the second position after the Tijuca National Park, located in Rio de Janeiro.

Nature Tourism around the World

Leaving Brazil, the range of options for Nature trips expands a lot! For those who are curious to try snow sports, a nearby possibility and at a reasonable cost is the Andes region, which spreads across Chile and Argentina. Tours in the Chilean and Argentine Patagonia take tourists to a different climate from Brazil, with penguins and other animals from that region, hiking through the snow and even cruises. In Mendoza, you can get to know the wineries, olive oil factories and also enjoy the Andean mountains on horseback that end with a typical barbecue, and hot springs.

Another popular destination is the countries of Asia, due to their different culture and beautiful nature. The Thailand is a good starting point for travelers who wish to deepen in Eastern culture and enjoy the beaches.

How to travel?

Before adventurers willing to visit remote locations had organized themselves months before, hiring services and often inventing ways to make their travel dreams come true. Now the modern tourist doesn’t have to do that anymore. Specialized agencies in nature tourism, make contact with local suppliers to organize trips according to the client’s profile.

Now that you know more about Nature Tourism and Ecotourism, browse Travelling Manual to choose which nature places you would like to travel to on your next vacation and participate in our blog commenting what activities you would like to do. Participate!

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