Too Many Tasks to Do: How to Deal With Problems in the Most Complicated Situations

Sometimes we have more activities to do than we can withstand. The reason is that we think that we can do all of them automatically, forgetting that we are not robots or sites like that operate, regardless of time or day, and that we need energy. But if you have too many tasks, you still can solve this problem by using these tips.


You’re only capable of doing one thing at a time. There’s no point in even thinking about your other tasks. Choose one thing that you can do or decide on right now.

There are three things to consider when prioritizing:

  • Urgency is how time-sensitive the task is. Whether there is a deadline, and whether there are those who depend on you at the moment. This is common among software engineers. The team can’t keep working until one person finishes their part of the code.
  • Importance. Here it’s simple, the basic question is how important the task is.
  • Complexity. Sometimes a person needs to start with something simple to gain momentum, so to speak. If you take on a difficult task right away, chances are that it will discourage you from working.

Start Doing Something

Even if you don’t have a plan, just start doing something.

Do the easiest task first, even if it has nothing to do with the main task.

This point refers to those moments when you can’t decide where to start, so think of it as an addition to the previous point.

If you are overwhelmed by the list of tasks, start with a simple activity, get up and wash the dishes, wipe the dust, and put clothes in the closet.

The main goal is to get off the couch and get things moving.

Ask for Help or Hire an Assistant 

If finances and position allow you, hiring an assistant is perfect. Otherwise, it’s time to consider the help of loved ones.

You don’t have to carry your burden alone. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s also okay to pay someone to do something for you. Even if you are capable of doing it yourself.

Ask your husband or wife to play with the kids while you are busy working. Hire a professional to change the constantly dripping faucet in the kitchen. Use any of the home delivery services.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Health

It’s important to take care of yourself and your health in difficult situations.

Sacrificing sleep in hopes of getting more done won’t work. When you do not get enough sleep, you spend more time focusing, but in fact, you achieve the same results, while spending more time. But the key disadvantage of this approach is that quality often suffers.

If you need to take a nap or meditate, put it on your to-do list. If you don’t already practice meditation, it’s time to start.

Eat foods that give you energy (fruits, vegetables) and eliminate those that make you tired and sluggish (fatty foods, fast food).

Take a break and play with your pet, watch the fish, go for a walk. All these things will help to relieve your brain.

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