Token Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

The Token is now a well-known name in the hip-hop music industry. He is a popular rap artist and belongs from Massachusetts, United States. He got in the limelight after his song; ‘No Suckah MCs,’ got viral all over the Internet. He is known for removing the language barrier using his lyrics, speech, and poetry. He was interested in music since his childhood, as when he wrote his first song, he was merely ten years old. He posted several music videos on YouTube, which gained him a massive fan base. He was 17 years old when he started his YouTube channel, and it has gained more than 130 million views by today.

Early Life 

Token’s real name is Ben Goldberg, and he was born on September 24, 1998, in Massachusetts. His father’s name is Steve Black, and his mother is Linda Black. His childhood was full of struggles as he had to faced depression and anxiety when he was very young. There was always a fight going on in his mind, which is the reason that he got involved in several fights when he was in school. He was also diagnosed with a learning disorder, which made him write songs as it was the only way for him to let his feelings out. It increased his interest in music, and he decides to pursue a career in it.

Career beginning

When Token was 13 years old, he started rapping in front of the public, which turned him into a confident artist from an introverted person. He took inspiration from 2Pac and Eminem and started posting his music on YouTube and Soundcloud at the age of 14. After starting a career in hip-hop music, his health improved a lot. Following the advice of one of his friends, he launched his track on YouTube and Twitter, which received great appreciation from people. He did get some criticism, but he never let that get into his mind.

He used several stage names but ended up with ‘Token’ as it was a bit unique and different from other artists. He created his YouTube channel named; Tokenhiphop and released; ‘No Sucka MCs’ on it. The song became a massive success and made Token a famous rap artist on the International stage. The great success of his song gave him a lot of confidence, and he released several hit songs after that. ‘Doozy’ is the most popular video on his YouTube channel as it has over 10 million views. In 2016, he released his first studio album named; ‘Eraser Shavings.’

Breakthrough Success in her Music Industry

The break that happened in the music industry for Token will be tracked, and then he will return to bring his collection of new songs, which can be titled No Sucka MCs. This song has gone to be viral, and it can be released shortly. This song has been propagated to the stage of an international one by describing his delivery way, lyrics, and overall musical style. The Token has continued to increase its popularity by releasing hit songs such as Code Red and Doozy, which may lead to more than 20 million on youtube.

Atlantic Records Distribution and Recent Releases

In 1950, Token released the famous major record labels such as Atlantic Records, which is a collection of music. It can be created by using the largest roster group of artists in which they have grouped work, and then after creating it, they started distributing their music worldwide. In the upcoming years, the greatest as well as famous Atlantic records has been mainly focusing on the recent list of releasing album collection and also singles from the most famous artist such as Roddy Ricch, Wiz Khalifa, Missy Elliott, Kevin Gates, Coldplay, etc. in addition to that, they have been working in the singles collection of the upcoming list of Token. Also, they are waiting for the release of the collection titled Pink was Better by Atlantic album collection in 2021.

Personal Life 

Token is a famous artist, and he has been linked to numerous beautiful girls in the past, but he never revealed any information about his relationships in public. If we talk about his love life, there is no information available as some people say that he is single, whereas some say that he is in a relationship. Nothing can be said about his personal life as he has been successful in keeping it behind the doors.

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Height, Weight, and Appearance of Token 

The actual or original height of Token is 5 feet 7 inches, which can be expressed as in centimeters, about 175 cm. More than that, it can be expressed in meters, about 1.75 m, and then moving the weight of the Token is 75 kg which can express in pounds as 165 lbs. The Token has short and shiny hair with the color brown and then a move to the color of the eye is dark brown.

Some of the exciting facts about Token

During his childhood days, Token has been severely affected by his learning disabilities. On Twitter only, Token uploaded or released his first video collection on August 26, 2012; Token released his first video on the youtube channel. In addition, Token has brought fame for his song collection as No Sucka MC. Benjamin Daniel Goldberg and Ben Goldberg are the original names that can be kept by his parents. Even though Token has many different sources, he has been single till now. Token father named Steve, made a famous show in 2000 that can be titled Cartman Silly Hate Crime 2000.

Presence of social media

As it is a good position in the film industry, Token must get active on social media. Also, it needs to interact with many of its followers by promoting songs on social media to get viral. On Twitter, Token is followed by more than 70,000 people, in which some of his latest posts that can be uploaded on social media are especially about eh NBA player. Like Instagram, the Token has followers that can cross over 370,000 people.

Net Worth 

Token is one of the top rap artists in the United States and is popular all over the world. His net worth is estimated to be $300000.

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