The Jig Isn’t Up (It’s 80% Lower)

When it comes to being a gun enthusiast, there are several ways that you can go about your love for firearms. Some people love collecting different kinds of firearms. Others take their guns out to the shooting range or join shooting competitions. Then, there are those that admire the craftsmanship of different kinds of firearms.

For those interested in the craftsmanship and the work that goes into making guns, it’s not far off for them to go into gunsmithing. After all, one way to better appreciate the work that goes into a gun would be to make them yourself. Of course, getting into the art of gunsmithing requires a number of things, the skill being one of those things. But, along with skill, you would also need the right tools. When it comes to the tools, one of the essential items you need would be an 80% jig.

80% What?

When you get into gunsmithing and start making your first firearm, you’ll first start with what’s called a lower receiver. Also called an 80% lower, this receiver is much like a template that you can begin with for whatever gun you plan on making. These lower receivers are basically the main housing or frame with which you’d build the gun around. So in a sense, without the receiver, you wouldn’t be able to craft and build the firearm you want.

The 80% jig helps get you started on the gunsmithing process. What it is is a template for the lower receiver that you’re trying to make. The jig has all the appropriate guides for the holes you need to drill into the receiver and drill bits of the correct size. With the jig, you’re just as easily able to make a finished receiver of the same quality as what you would get from a gun manufacturer. Since the templates already tell you where to drill, you wouldn’t need too much experience to get this done.

Are All Jigs The Same?

If you’re considering getting into gunsmithing or looking for a jig to help you get started on your build, it’s essential to know that you need to get the right kind. While 80% jigs are used for all sorts of projects, they’re actually not all the same. Depending on what you’re building, you will have to get the appropriate jig for your project.

If you, for example, are planning on building an AR15, there’s a jig made just for the lower receiver of that kind of rifle. That jig will have the template made specifically for only an AR15 receiver. If you’re planning on building a handgun such as a Glock, the same applies. You’ll need to find a jig with a template made specifically for that gun. Of course, some jigs can fit a variety of templates, which would be great if you’re planning on smithing an array of firearms. So, don’t just go buying the first jig you see. Make sure that it fits the needs of the firearm that you’ll be working on.

Gun enthusiasts have different ways of showing their love for firearms. For those who appreciate craftsmanship or love building, gunsmithing happens to be one of some enthusiasts’ outlets. But, to be able to get into gunsmithing properly, one would need the right tools. But, of course, one of those tools would be the right jig, which is practically the starting point of any build.

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