Sunny Pawar Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

We do not know about Sunny’s exact birth date as he has not shared it with the media. Still, available sources readily claim that he took birth on an unspecified date in 2008, and his place of birth is Mumbai, in India, and therefore holds the Indian nationality. He rose to fame for acting in a movie named “Lion,” a biographical drama movie made in 2016.

Life And Education

Sunny spent almost all of his childhood in Mumbai, brought up by his parents Vasu and Dilip Pawar. Still, any other important info relating to them is not shared with the public. Still, it was later revealed that his father worked in a government office as a sweeper in Mumbai, while Vasu, his mother, was not financially active. Sunny has siblings, but nothing is known about them yet so far. He is still a student of elementary school as he is a young lad.

Relationships And Love Life

Sunny is a young kid, and nothing relating to girls revolves around him, and nothing is known about it. He has shaken hands with some of them, but it does not prove a romantic relationship. Sunny believes in true love and says that if he ever falls in love with one girl in his life, then he will love her till the last day of his life. He is often teased with stuff relating to women, but he is a smart little kid, and he evades those types of things quite diligently.

Interests And Hobbies

Sunny, besides his love for acting and education, there are other things that he enjoys doing. He loves gaming and enjoys it on his PC and also his newly bought PlayStation 4. He is into acting but prefers watching great movies such as Avatar and Life Of Pi. He is into animated stuff, too, and loves South Park and The Simpsons. He does not have a preferred actress, but his most liked actor is Hrithik Roshan.

As he is a young boy, he has never tried smoking or alcohol and often says that he will maintain a safe distance from that stuff all his life. Sunny is a big fan of the WWE but had no opportunity to see any bouts live. Besides, he enjoys sleeping and eats.


Sunny is just a 13 years old boy; a just became teenager. He possesses short-length black colored hair and brown colored eyes. Hence, he is still to grow and hence is just 142cm tall in height, but his exact weight and vital statistics are still not disclosed to the media. As he is still in his yet growth stage, it is more likely, the weight and the vital statistics, to change every month, if not every day. 

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Sunny Pawar career as an actor

In the film “Lion” from 2016, in which he played the role of Saroo Brierley, Sunny got his start in the acting industry. The unbelievable fact that Sunny was able to win this position while competing against more than two thousand other young people in India has left many of his supporters awestruck. Sunny’s application for a visa to enter the United States in time to attend the film’s premiere was denied. However, with the assistance of numerous A-list Hollywood celebrities, he was able to get a visa and enter the country in time to attend the premiere. The main character of the movie, a boy named Saroo Brierley, is left behind on a train that travels more than 100 km away from his home in Kolkata. He was forced to beg for money on the streets to maintain his existence until an Australian couple took him in and supplied for him.

After Sunny’s performance, Dev Patel, who played the adult version of Saroo, complimented him by stating that the role could not have been played by anyone else. Dev Patel said no one else could have been put in the role. It would seem that Sunny has not had many additional big roles after acting in the film “Lion .” his other two performances were both in films created in India in 2018 (“Sacred Games” and “AA BB KK”). Sunny, still one of India’s most well-known kid performers has said that he plans to continue performing and, if it doesn’t work out, he’ll become a police officer in Mumbai. Sunny is still one of the most well-known child performers in India.

Get to meet Sunny Pawar on social media

Sunny’s presence on some of the most well-known social media networks is essential when marketing his acting career. A Twitter account uses his name that can be seen online, but it does not seem to belong to Sunny, who was only one year old when the account was established (in 2009). Sunny has acquired over 2,000 followers on Instagram even though he did not begin posting on the platform until mid-year. He has also published five photographs. On Facebook, where he also has a profile, more than 700 individuals follow him there.

Future Aspirations of Sunny Pawar

Even though the Indian actor is only getting started in the business, he has high aspirations. His acting idol is Hrithik Roshan, featured in his all-time fave film, Krrish. The film is also one of his favorites of all time. Pawar is hoping that he will be able to play a part in a movie that is comparable to that of a superhero. Pawar asserts that his desired powers include ” flying and saving other people’s lives.” Pawar’s dream is to become a famous actor, but if that doesn’t work out, he plans to join the police force so that he may serve and defend his city of Mumbai like a comic book hero. Pawar’s favourite activities include eating, sleeping, and watching WWE on television. While filming in Kolkata, India, one of his favourite things was to sample the local food at the hotel and on the streets.

Net Worth

According to reliable sources, Sunny’sSunny’s exact net worth is around 100,000 million US dollars in total.

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