Sue Aikens Net Worth, Career, Early and Personal Life

Are you fond of reality shows? Sue Aikens might be your ultimate fan if you watch “Life Below Zero” daily. It is one of the most prominent shows on TV showing the lifestyle and cultures of extreme cold situations in the Alaska Region. She is also one of the most popular TV reality show workers and has got a lot of applause due to the series. Let us get to learn a lot more about Sue Aikens and her insane cold Alaskan life. 

Early Life and Family

She was born in the year 1963, on the 1st of July in the Mount Prospect Region, which is in Illinois, United States of America. Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is white North American. if you are interested in her zodiac sign, it is Cancer and it’s great if you have the same sign. At an early age, she readily got inspired by Otto Kilcher living in Alaska. Initially, Sue was also left alone at home to spend most of her time alone.

The education details of Sue Aikens

Sue was born and raised in Mount Prospect by her parents, who taught her early on the belief that a woman’s sole purpose should be caring for her family. Sue, however, had a different idea, having been influenced by Otto Kilcher, a man who survives in the harsh Alaskan wilderness and is featured on the show “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” Sue’s parents divorced when she was 12, so she and her mother relocated to Alaska.

Her mother obtained a job and left Sue to fend for herself. She did not continue her education through eighth grade after going to Alaska, although she did attend Lowell Whiteman School in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She ran a wilderness camp at the age of 16, and by the time she was 17, she had moved in, having learned some valuable lessons from her grandparents, who had previously run a similar camp in their native Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland.

Sue Aikens’s career as a television personality

Sue was approached to participate in the BBC reality programme “Life Below Zero” when filmmakers saw her tent and decided to film there. There have been 12 seasons of the show since it premiered on May 19, 2013, on the National Geographic Channel. A group of people have set up camp in the Alaskan forest and are hunting and collecting food in subzero temperatures. Sue was almost murdered in 2007 when a young adult male bear attacked her; she killed the bear but had terrible injuries; she was discovered 10 days later by a pilot. Sue has been asked several times why she left home at the age of 17 to live alone in a cabin in the woods, and each time she has given the same answer: because she is “not bound by the rules of society” there.

Recent works of Sue Aikens

when the programme gained Sue fame, it wasn’t without its challenges; on 2 December 2017, when driving her snow machine at 96 km/h, she crashed and sustained serious injuries, forcing her to miss a few episodes. Sue is said to have been verbally harassed and threatened by the programme’s producers; she filed a lawsuit against BBC Worldwide Reality Productions, claiming the company had her drive a snow machine and other potentially dangerous vehicles for the sake of the show. She currently operates a camp on the Kavik River, catering primarily to scientists interested in hydrology and geology. She occasionally accepts hunters, but during certain times of the year, she only welcomes autistic people and families with children who have special needs.

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Time in “Life Below Zero”

She got a lot of attention due to her intense and dedication towards shooting episodes at extreme episodes. She also has been praised by her fans, critics, and general audience. At times, she also took account of life risks, including one attack by a male bear that got her severely injured.

Is Sue Aikens still working in ht

Yes, she is still on the show. She got injured on active cases and has been off for a little while.

Social media presence

She is mostly present on Instagram and Twitter with over 30K followers gained till now. Aside, she uploads vast and exotic locations of Alaska from her shoots into her Instagram handle.

Personal life and relationships

She got married at the age of 19, but sadly her husband died due to a brain tumor after 17 happy years. She has two children and all of them got married too. Her second marriage also turned into a divorce. She is now single. 

Hobbies and Interests of Sue Aikens

Sue is a kind person who has given a large chunk of the money she made from the “Life Below Zero” TV programme to charity, mostly to support disadvantaged children. She takes great satisfaction in spending time with and providing for these kids. She did some adventuring in her younger years but ultimately made her home in Alaska. Sue is an avid environmentalist and animal rights activist who has a dog whose moniker is unknown. Sue often hunts red foxes, lynx, and wolves in the forest where she lives for their flesh and fur.

She stated in a recent interview that a bear had been spotted near her Kavik River Camp, but he was never a threat until a flood wiped out his den and he entered the camp. She did not want to kill the bear, but she was armed in case he threatened the people staying at the camp. Sue calls herself “a curious little monkey, a kind of raven personality, something shiny, something interesting, something new.” She’s the kind of person that seeks out new experiences, so it’s no surprise that Alaska was her state of choice.

The net worth of Sue Aikens

She has earned good bucks from BBC along with her show “Life Below Zero”. The net worth of Sue Aikens’s in 2021 is $2.3M. Glad you may have not known these things about Sue Aikens at all.

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