Stacey Dash Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

If you have a little interest in watching the movies or series, you would surely have heard about Stacey Dash. Stacey dash is a leading actress who played the main role in popular films such as Moving, Renaissance Man, and many more. She was born on January 20, 1967, in the Bronx region of New York, USA. At present, Stacy is 54 years old and has become a role model for a huge audience. She was not linked to any celebrity background, which means that she has achieved all fame on her own. Besides working as an actress, she has also served as a host in the popular talk show Celebrity circus.

Early life

The Stacey Lauretta dash, which is currently popular as Stacey Dash, is a child of Linda dash, a Mexican American, and Dennis dash, who is an African American. She was raised in New York City. She was graduated from Paramus High School in the year 1985. The DashDash has one brother and a first cousin named Darian Dash and Damon Dash. They both are entrepreneurs owning a leading company. Though there is no kind of information that can give an idea about her childhood times, it is clear that she had a very normal life until she got a break from the industry.

Career beginning

If you think that DashDash joined the film industry from the very beginning of his career, then you are wrong. She started her career through the television-based crime drama Farrell- For the people. Due to some serious technical issue, only the first episode of the series was aired. The major she played was in ‘The Cosby Show’ as the Michelle, which was aired in 1985. The best show from which she earned major fame was the show Tv 101.

In the year 1988, she signed for the first-ever role in the movie title Moving. After this, she has acted in a couple of movies in the chain. The 1995’s film Clueless was recognized as a highly successful movie that had a great impact on her entire career from that time to the present. The movie commercially broke all the records by making $56 million.

She also entered politics in 2007 for supporting Presidential candidate’ Barack Obama’. The shocking moment took place when she shifted to the republic party by backing their presidential candidate ‘ Mitt Romney’.

Personal life

Everyone has a different life, and if we talk about the personal life of DashDash, she has gone through severe ups and downs. She had been married three times and also divorced three times. Her marriages were to Brian Lovell, James Maby, and then Emmanuel Xuereb, which lasted till 2011. She had a fourth marriage with the lawyer known as Jeffrey Marty. At the time of marriage, they both have a total of five children already.

Stacey was in a relationship with Christopher Williams, and they both were in a relationship; later, they lived together. They have two children together, one son named Austin and one daughter named Lola. Stacey has broken up her relationship with Christopher, but she did not reveal the reason for the broke up. Then on July 16, 1999, Stacey was married to Brain Lovell, the producer, and they did not have any children together. Then in the mid of 2000s, they both separated and divorced.

Then she was in a relationship with James Maby, a British executive and CEO OF  Sports Logistics, and 2005, they both got married, but this also lasted for her. They both divorced within a year. In 2007, Stacey married Emmanuel Xeureb, and they lived together for two years. In 2009, they separated. They filed for divorce in January, and their divorce was finalized in September 2011. On April 6, 2018, Stacey married Jeffrey Marty, and they both first met and started their relationship only ten days before their marriage. Marty was previously married to someone, and also, he has three children. After marriage, Stacey has become the stepmother for them. This marriage also did not last long for her. In April 2020, she announced that she and Marty had separated, then in June, Stacey filed for divorce. Currently, she is not in a relationship with anyone.   

Net worth

The net worth of the Stacey dash is estimated at around $8 million, which she earned by giving several hits and blockbusters to the audience.

The Physical Appearances of Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash will stand 5 feet 4 inches in height and weigh 54 kg. Her breast size is 25 inches, her waist size is 34 inches, and her hip size is 35 inches. She has a beautiful pair of blue eyes and blonde hair color. Stacey’s shoe size is 7 US, and her dress size is 4 US.

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Social media presence of Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash is active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On her official Instagram account, she has more than 573 K followers, and she will use to share more of her pictures and videos in it. She has more than 391 K followers on her official Twitter account, and Stacey has more than 127 K followers. Stacey is inactive on other social media platforms, such as Tik Tok and YouTube.

Interests and hobbies of Stacey Dash

Stacey’s main hobby is acting; apart from that, she has many hobbies and interests in her spare time. She loves to read books in her spare time and will use them to read more comics and crime thriller books. Stacey likes to travel a lot and has traveled to many countries often. She has visited many countries like France, London, and many other European countries, and her dream destination is Australia and Paris. Stacey will watch more films and television series in her free time, her favorite actor is Brad Pitt, and her favorite actress is Charlize Theron. Her favorite color is black and green, and her favorite food is Mexican cuisine. Stacey likes to do artwork and painting often and goes to the beach often. In most of her spare time, she will use to go shopping, and she will use to wear fashionable clothing.    

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