SSSniperWolf Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early life

Lia, better known by her gaming and YouTube nickname SSSniperWolf, is of British descent but was born and raised in the United States. When she initially started on YouTube, she uploaded videos about gaming and offered reactions to other people’s videos. Videos demonstrating how to “Do it yourself” were uploaded to a news channel that she started and titled “Little Lia.”

She became a member of the YouTube community at the beginning of 2013. She immediately started posting gameplay videos of popular games such as Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto 2, and Overwatch. At the kids’ choice award, she was given the title of “Favorite Gamer.” In addition to playing video games, she also participates in the cosplay community under the name Lia Valentine.

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The early years of SSSniperWolf

She has two brothers and a sister, making her the oldest of the three children. Ranya Lasagna, a YouTuber also known as Ranya Shelesh, is the sister of SSSniperWolf. Her brother’s name is Paul Shelesh. He was born in 1993. He practices playing the guitar often and has a keen interest in automobiles. Bakir Shelesh is the YouTuber’s younger brother, the second youngest. When they were in elementary school, she would always come out on top in the video game competitions that she and he would have. The Shelesh family decided to move to the United States after realizing that their London apartment was no longer enough for their requirements.

SSSniperWolf education

As soon as she came into the country, she immediately began her quest to assimilate into American society by immersing herself in video games. SSSniperWolf lacked social skills, but she didn’t care what her classmates at her elementary school thought about it since she was happy living in her little world. Her mother was hoping that her daughter would go into the pharmaceutical industry, but she finally decided that she wanted to become a gamer and a YouTuber. This decision disappointed her mother, who had anticipated that her daughter would go into the pharmaceutical industry.

Personal details of SSSniperWolf  

Real NameAlia Marie Lia Shelesh
Celebrity NameSSSniperWolf
ProfessionBritish-American YouTuber
Age47 years old
Date of BirthOctober 22, 1992
BirthplaceEngland, United Kingdom

Body measurements of SSSniperWolf  

Height in Centimetres162 cm
Height in Inches5 feet 3inches
Weight in Kilograms52 kg
Weight in Pounds114 lbs
Body Measurements in inches34-26-35 inches (or) 86-66-89 cm
Breast Size34 Inches
Waist Size26 Inches
Hips Size35 Inches
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
Relationship statusIn a relationship
Boyfriend nameEvan Sausage

SSSniperWolf personal life

When it comes to her current relationship, SSSniperWolf keeps many things a secret. YouTuber Evan Sausage is one of SSSniperWolf’s long-term girlfriends. The two of them communicated online for several months before finally meeting one another in person at a comic book convention. Since the moment when they initially met, there have been no rumours or controversies surrounding their relationship at all. This couple’s only children are their three dogs, whose names are Kaz, Lumpy, and Ash. They used to have a fourth dog called Tuna, but she passed away in 2018. The pair is not married and does not have any children of their own. 

SSSniperWolf net worth

As a result of her popularity on YouTube, it is expected that she will continue to enjoy an increase in her net worth, which is now estimated to be more than three million dollars and is projected to keep growing.

SSSniperWolf’s hobbies and areas of interest

Even though gaming and uploading videos to YouTube take up most of SSSniperWolf’s time, she still finds the time to pursue her other interests. When it comes to high-performance automobiles, SSSniperWolf is a die-hard Mercedes lover. Over the years, she has purchased and then resold various Mercedes models. She goes to the gym daily to work on her physical fitness, but she also does yoga and meditates regularly because she places an equal amount of importance on her mental health as she does on her physical health. The two of them have travelled across a sizeable amount of the United States’ territory together as their preferred form of recreation, taking long car rides with her best friend.

SSSniperWolf Social media presence

SSSniperWolf makes it a point to be active on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to ensure her long-term online success. She has more than 53,000 tweets out and over a million people following her on Twitter. She has a Facebook page and an Instagram account, both of which have more than 2.5 million followers each. Her Instagram account contains more than 1,500 photographs, and she has more than 4.3 million people following her. Additionally, SSSniperWolf maintains her very own website, where she sells various items associated with the Wolf Pack that she has created.

SniperWolf’s professional life 

SSSniperWolf has made significant advancements as time has gone by. The name “SSSniperWolf” is a pun on the name of the character “Sniper Wolf” from the video game “Metal Gear Solid,” which the user met for the first time on the PlayStation 1 system. She enjoyed playing various video games, including Pokemon, Spyro, and Crash Team Racing, amongst others.

SSSniperWolf launched her YouTube channel on January 19, 2013, and it has since attracted more than 16.4 million followers and has racked up more than four billion views across all of her videos. She first became famous for her “Fortnite” gaming films, but nowadays, she uploads movies about her everyday life, in which she issues challenges to her friends and plays pranks on them. At the beginning of her career, the videos she made for “Call of Duty” were the ones that brought her the most attention.

She launched her second YouTube channel, “Little Lia,” on June 4, 2014. It has more than 1.6 million subscribers and over 81 million views. This channel has videos titled “Do It Yourself” uploaded by SSSniperWolf. These videos instruct viewers on how to produce a variety of different crafts.

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