Sara Salazar Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal life

Probably, Sara Salazar is a very popular person for being the last and third wife of one of the greatest Mexican Balladeer and singer, Jose Jose. Leaving behind his mourning wife and his daughter, named Sarita Salazar the great singer died in September 2019.

Childhood Days

Sara or Sarita Salazar took birth in Cuba, in the year 1965. As far as her education is concerned, she completed her matriculation from a hometown high school in the year 1983, although she never told anything about her college life and people assume that she never went to college. Nothing is known of Sarita’s parents as such.

The professional details of Sara Salazar

Because Sara has spent her whole life as a housewife, there is not much to mention regarding her achievements in the working world. Even before marriage, she kept her professional life a well-guarded secret. Behind-the-scenes work is where Sara feels most at home. This indicates that a limited amount of information can be found on her. However, her late husband, Jose Jose, was a well-known musician in his own right. He was a well-known singer in Mexico, and many people looked up to and appreciated his work.

During his career as a musician and composer, he was responsible for several important contributions to the music industry. In addition to it, he had a strong reputation for the ballads he sang. Because of this, people often referred to him as the balladeer. The latter part of the 1990s was fruitful for Jose Jose’s professional life. After signing a contract with “Ariola Records” in 1980, he started to achieve popularity outside the confines of his home country of Cuba. His best works include the songs “Perdoname Todo,” “El Triste,” and “Secretos.” Analogous to this, he was also an essential figure in the Latin music scene of the day.

Professional details of Sara Salazar’s spouse, Jose Jose

When Jose was 19, he joined the Mexican bossa nova and jazz quartet Los Peg. Even though he had previously recorded several songs with the band, José’s big break came when he performed at the birthday celebration of a friend’s sister. Even though he had already recorded many songs with the band. The brother heard José’s performance of the birthday girl, the managing director of the well-known recording company Orfeón Records, and was impressed.

After immediately changing his identity to José José, signing a recording contract, and releasing his first album under the new alias, Jose became a successful musician. The album, mostly of love songs, was a huge commercial success. José first recorded it in the 1970s, and almost immediately after that, “La Nave del Olvido” became an instant sensation throughout Latin America, particularly in Mexico.

The performance of “El Triste” that he gave on March 15, 1970, launched him to the level of actual stardom. In 1973, Frank Sinatra approached José with the idea of recording a song together, and by 1976, he had secured a recording contract with the prestigious Ariola Records. Due to the fact that he drank to excess on a daily basis, the quality of his voice began to deteriorate, and he consistently gave poor performances in front of live audiences. By the beginning of the 1990s, José’s career was on the decline, and he required counselling since he was unable to overcome his addiction on his own. In addition to this, he was unable to pay for the assistance on his own, thus he need it.

Get to meet Sara Salazar on social media

She has been absent from all of her social media accounts as of late. On the other hand, she sometimes posts photographs that she took to her daughter’s Instagram account. It would seem that Sara is not a fan of online networking since she makes a point to limit the amount of time she spends on social media. As a result, she does not use social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Therefore, you won’t find her there.

Early Love, Relationship with Late Husband Jose Jose

In Miami, Jose Jose and Sara met for the very first time in their life. Jose couldn’t recognize Sara when he saw her for the first time and thought of her as a salsa dancer. However, soon after their first meet, the couple fell in love and in the year 1995 they had decided to marry each other. In the same year, their only daughter, Sarita Sosa was born. Sara had two more daughters who were elder than Sosa named Celine and Monique. Her mother is given birth to them from her earlier relationship. However, the father’s name of Celine and Monique is not known till now.

Death of Jose Jose And The Rich Heritage He Left Behind As A Music Artist

In 2017, Jose was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and exactly two years later, on 28th September 2019, that cancer became the most effective cause for his death. For huge money of 5 million dollars, he sold his grand house in the city of Coral Gables, located in the US state of Florida. However, for her beloved wife Sara, he has many numerous apartments mainly located in Miami. The riches he left behind will cross a few million US dollars easily.

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Hobbies You Need To Know About Sarah

She is very fond of Hollywood cinema. Tom Hanks is among her most favorite actor and she likes Julia Roberts the most as an actress. Sara likes Italian and Mexican cuisines. Her most favorite food items are pizza, tacos, and different kinds of Pasta. She spends her spare time mainly with her children, reading books and watching her most liked TV operas, soaps, and serials.


Medium sized blonde hair

Bluish eyes

Height is 5ft 6ins (168cm)

Weight is 121 lbs (55kgs)

Vital Statistics 35-27-36.

Net Worth

Her net worth is comprised of what her husband Jose Jose has left for her after his death. It is around 5 million US dollars.

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