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Being one of the best professional players at the highest level is a dream for almost everyone in the country. To represent the nation is an unparalleled achievement. Randy Moss could be seen as someone who has reached these feats. Born on 13th February 1977in Rand, West Virginia, Randy Moss is an American footballer who competed at the national level. Holding a national contract is desirable, but having a successful one is meritorious. Soccer is the game that prevails with the best sporting action name tag, and since he is an outstanding professional in this field, he is the most admirable sportsperson in the country. He has been a contract holder for several teams like Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans.


An extravagant football career for Ross featured with several awards and records. The career is studded with the following records:

Second player in the list of NFL all-time Single Season touchdown reception record (156)

NFL Single Season touchdown reception record in 2007(23)

NFL Single Season touchdown reception record as a rookie in 1998 (17)

His favorite position was Wide Receiver, and it was his offense that ripped apart the opposition’s defense. He continued his action at NFL for 14 seasons, after which he called it time on his career. Currently aged 43, he features as an ESPN studio analyst working on the show Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown.

Personal Life

The parents of Randy Moss are Randy Pratt andMaxine Moss, from who he seems to have gotten his name. He has a sister Lutisia and a brother named Eric, who is a former NFL offensive player. He is a father to 5 children named: Sydney, Senali, Thaddeus, Montigo and Lexi. Thaddeus like his father has an interest into professional football, and he went on to win 2020 National Football Championship at the college level.


Since early years of his life, he has been about football all along. At DuPoint High School, he excelled at a variety of sports like football, basketball and baseball, winning several state championships for his school team. Playing with his school team, he was awarded with Kennedy Award for being West Virginia Football Player of the Year in 1995. In 2009, he was featured into the list of top 50 all-time best high school footballers.


Randy Moss married Libby Offut with whom he fathers 5 children. They started dating each other back in 1993. Libby Offut is an American national. They had a loving relationship that started back when they were at their high school. However, they divorced each other when in 2016, Randy Moss accused his wife of drug abuse. Offut however denied these accusations, but it resulted in their divorce.

Randy Moss Salary

As a professional player, Randy Moss has earned a worth amount of more than 82.5 million dollars. In their final year of playing in the role of San Francisco in the 2012 season, he gained an amount of 2.5 million dollars. Randy Moss has been committed to a contract of 3 year’s worth 27 million dollars to the New England Patriots, which may include the biggest pay check in 2008. This agreement also involved a bonus worth 12 million dollars. As a result, in 2008, Randy Moss made his total salary up to 14 million dollars. As the salary increases, that shows a result in her good power, which means getting a salary increase will directly get her net worth, and it may show his status to be in a high position.

Randy Moss endorsements 

Randy Moss is among the first players in the National Football League history to sign an endorsement deal with Nike Jordan Brand. According to his endorsement, his most recent endorsement deal can be signed with Livewire Ergogenics. The manufacturing company can chew and use Randy Moss in their marketing campaigns. Apart from this, Randy Moss has been committed to many of the local brands during the early days of her career time. As Randy Moss is a player with more talent, many of them endorse his football competition.

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Randy Moss’s charity work

Randy Moss has been voluntarily involved in charity work for children, so he has founded and also served financially for many charity institutes that may, including the Randy Moss Foundation, for children who are all getting separated from their families. In addition, Randy Moss has launched a big tournament to raise funds for the name of smile networks that may provide financial support to children to solve more problems against children. On one side, Randy Moss has been getting much of the investment, and on another, he has been spending the amount in the way of charity, which may show his heartfelt loves for children.

Height and Weight of Randy Moss 

The Randy Moss or actual height of Randy Moss is 6 feet 4 inches, expressed in meters about 1.65 m. More than that, it can be expressed in centimetres, about 165 cm, and then the weight of Randy Moss is 95 kg, which can express in pounds as 132 lbs.

Appearances and Body Measurements 

Randy Moss has a fit and structured body shape. The structure of Randy Moss’s body is slim. Randy Moss has short and shiny hair with the colour of black. Randy Moss has a gorgeous and good-looking eye, which looks black. The body measurements of Randy Moss are 44 inches in the breast, 32 inches in the waist, and 39 inches in the hip, so the overall measurements of the figure are about 44-32-39 inches. The shoe size of Randy Moss is 14 US, and Randy Moss has developed his biceps up to 26 inches. As Randy Moss is a football player, he must maintain a fitness body throughout his career.

Net Worth

Being a retired professional NFL player,it is estimated that Randy Moss possesses a bit of wealth. To be exact, his net worth is approximately around $62 million. This is a healthy net worth for a retired professional and an active sports analyst at ESPN.

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