Powdered egg, a revolutionary protein

Omnipresent in every recipes until the First World War, powdered egg are though unknown by the majority. However, it’s an important component that does not lack of advantages.

What is powdered egg?

Powdered egg, also known as egg powder is fully dehydrated eggs. In fact, they follow the same process that powdered milk is manufactured. Moreover, they share the same texture.  Powdered egg can be freeze-dried or simply dehydrated. After its long process of dehydration, it becomes an easy-to-store powder. Generally, you can purchase whole eggs, only the yolk or just the whites.

Is powdered egg healthy?

Rich in many kinds of nutrients, powdered egg are a main source of calcium, calories and minerals. The protein that it contains is ideal for the development of the teens, so is the egg. It is also recommended for bones ‘growth, especially at kids. It is also a healthy solution for weight loss as its calories content is low. That’s why powdered egg is more used for diet than whole egg which contains 71% more calorie.

But the powdered egg is also a high source of protein, at the same rank as milk and meat. And as far as minerals are concerned, there are significant rate of potassium and sodium within powdered egg. Remember that these last are vital for muscle nerve and also for nerve cell.

But the powdered egg also offers immune-boosting properties. In fact, as it is rich in antioxydants, they can easily replace the whole egg. Remember that egg plays a great role to support immune response as they contain a huge amount of nutrients such as vitamin D, zinc, selenium and even vitamin E. It is one of the best foods that helps improve immunity. These nutrients are essential for human proper immune functioning. Eating powdered egg allows also to fight against the bacteria.

Otherwise, it is to be known that powdered egg includes many nutrients that are seen in normal egg. But as a bonus, when you eat powdered egg, you don’t have to worry of it turning bad.

Otherwise, powdered egg gathers little bacteria contamination as during the whole drying process at the manufacturer, the bacteria have already been killed. In fact, there’s any risk of contamination due to improper handling as it has been significantly reduced. And so it is with the cleanup time. That’s why powdered egg can be eaten safely.

Advantages of powdered egg

Apart from these benefits for health, powdered egg gathers other advantages. In fact, if it is stored in proper condition that is to say within cool, dark and dry place, it can be used within three years. After, it is to be known that its storage does not require refrigerator. As mentioned, it only needs cool, dry and dark area.

Besides, egg powder needs much less storage space as they can fit in very small areas. Then, when you need to rehydrate themto use them in any of your favorite recipes, you only have to add some liquid such as milk or water and you can cook.

What’s the shelf life of powdered egg?

The shelf life of the powdered egg really depends on the manufacturer but the average is 1 year to 3 years. However, some users sometimes claim that they can use it within 10 years. After all, its shelf life depends mainly on the way you store it. When the powdered egg is kept away from the wet, the light and the heat, they can last over 10 years. You also have to close the package tightly after each use to prevent air infiltration.

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