Natasha Aughey’s Career, Personal and Early life

Natasha Aughey is a fitness model cum trainer based in Canada. She has a fan following of over 250k subscribers to her YouTube channel. She embarked on her fitness journey from high school where she developed a liking towards exercising. At present, Natasha Aughey is a Fitness sensation who has left people in awe. She doesn’t have a list of the most successful winnings from competitions, but when she gives her 100%, nothing can stop her from aiming for the top spot. Natasha Aughey’s social media presence is viral content. She is also a live personal trainer who is guiding people to attain their body goals through practice sessions combined with dedication.

Appearance and early life

Natasha weighs 76.6 kgs (169lbs) and is about 167 cms (5’6) tall. She was born on March 18, 1993, to parents of Canadian descent in Ottawa, Ontario. She lends her roots to belonging to a simple Canadian family along with her sister. She jovially admitted herself into a gym for time pass when she was in high school. Natasha Aughey is now considered to be a superstar on Instagram and a Canadian fitness celebrity. She then appeared in fitness magazines, competitions as a teen, and is a fitness freak on social media. Natasha wanted to be practicing playing with a soccer ball which stood out from other girls.


Natasha began with a cardio routine when she was at school, and later on, added strength training to her routine. Joining a college didn’t interest Natasha Aughey, so she went to admit herself into being a fitness trainer. After finishing her schooling, Natasha Aughey moved ahead to be CanFitPro Certified Level 1 Trainer. The certification aided her in becoming a personal trainer and added to her income with fitness customers. She carried on her weight training, by taking help from her trainers which ultimately guided her to proper energy levels and diet plans. She quickly managed to shape the body of her dream. Natasha Aughey even out-performed the other candidates in the gym.

From gaining to training

Unknowingly, Natasha Aughey began his career by attending the gym regularly during his school time. She started with the exercise for cardio, and though she got help from the all over the toning, she was not satisfied. By considering the advice given by the person who can meet at the gym, Natasha Aughey has slowly been involved in the step-by-step process. At first, Natasha Aughey got into the weight-gaining training and made it a daily routine. After some years, there is a change in Natasha Aughey’s body. Many of his friends insisted he creates a new Instagram account to publish her daily progress through social media. At first, Natasha Aughey has more hesitated. After that, she needed his friends around him on August 2022. It took more than 8 months before she was noticed by many of the fitness magazine employees. In 2013, Natasha Aughey placed in the OPA Ottawa Championships, Tallness, and Figure; afterward, his focus can be shifted to Instagram and also for modelling magazines.

After some of the years have been gone, Natasha Aughey’s has been promoting many of the brands and also supplement products such as fitness apparel for a woman,” Celestial, Bodies,” and dietary involvement from Blackstone. In the second half of 2010, Natasha Aughey became an ambassador for EHP labs. The abbreviation of EHP is Enhanced Human Performance. In 2019, the income was generated as highly because of the revenue from promoting fitness-related products.

Social media presence

Natasha Aughey created her Instagram account in 2011. Today, Natasha’s Instagram has more than a million followers and she has posted more than 2160 photos. Her YouTube videos have all of the videos you need to shed those extra chunks of fat. She even responds to the comments on doubts regarding diet and exercising for weight loss. She started her YouTube channel on September 21, 2015. Her most viewed video is “Natasha Aughey – Leg Day” which is continuing to inspire many people to work out. Natasha Aughey even competed in the 2013 OPA Ottawa Championships and won sixth place in 2013.

YouTube Channel of Natasha Aughey’s

Natasha Aughey created a personal YouTube channel account on September 21, 2015. Its main aim is to reach many of the audience, and followers need to focus on their workouts, which may result in the showcasing of a favorite exercise when she claims to be more effective in their social media networks. Natasha Aughey’s most favorite or popular video is titled “Natasha Aughey- Leg Day,” which can be posted on her youtube channel on 16 th June 2017. At the moment of publishing, it reaches more than 3.6 million viewers. This may result in only half of her channel; when it comes to the total views, it may lead to 6.5 million followers.

Natasha Aughey’s total war

According to Natasha Aughey’s statement in her post on Instagram in May 2019, she was part of a team at Rdcon1 Company to obtain permission from Health Canadian to ship their income products from the US. Thus, the effective one may be doing in most of the competition. The main thing about Natasha Aughey has been spoken on her Instagram page titled “BIG NOISE” and “TOTAL WAR.”

Fitness routine

She usually does 25 reps of each workout. And then does five to six sets of the same exercises to keep her going for the day. Apart from these, she alternates between strength and weight training. Her videos usually cover each body part on each day of the week.

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Natasha Aughey’s famous friends

Most bodybuilders prefer to combine their full efforts when there is a necessity for the public related to fitness news. As such, Natasha Aughey has worked with other bodybuilders such as Louis Philippe Jean, Jenaya Hofer, and Sharon Bruneau. These three are the major friend of Natasha Aughey, who has come from Canada.

Net Worth of Natasha Aughey’s

The overall source of a Natasha Aughey’s is more than 500,000 dollars. These much of amount can be earned by appearing in several brands and also appearing in fitness magazines throughout his life career.

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