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Mark Edward Fischbach is professionally known as Markiplier, a famous YouTuber, actor, comedian, and a gamer-commentator based in America. He has a famous YouTube channel and has around 28 million subscribers and around 14.9 billion video views. He is a YouTuber, but he also has a clothing company named Cloak and his YouTuber friend named Jacksepticeye. Markiplier is also the co-host of the defunct Unus Annus channel. He is originally from Hawaii but moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, to start his career, and as of now, he is in Los Angeles, California.

Early Life

Markiplier took birth in 1989 on June 28 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was born in Honolulu at Tripler Army Medical Center. His father was a German American named Cliffton m. Fischbach. His father met his mother while being in Korea. After the birth of Markiplier, he moved along with his family to Cincinnati, Ohio, and he was raised there only.

He grew up in Ohio and completed his studies at Milford High School, and he was a member of the marching band and played trumpet there. Markiplier has a brother named Jason Thomas Fischbach, who is an author and an artist. His older brother also got featured in many videos where he never liked his face to get filmed. He completed his biomedical engineering at the University of Cincinnati but later, to accomplish his YouTube career, he dropped his engineering.

Career Beginnings

Fischbach first created a YouTube channel under the name Markiplier in 2012 on March 6, and for the first time, he uploaded a video on his channel in 2012 on April 4. The first intent on his channel was sketch comedy, where he portrayed many characters in his sketches. His first series on his channel was a playthrough of the game named Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

He played plenty of game series that include Dead Space and Penumbra, and after that, AdSense’s account of Fischbach got banned by YouTube. He then created a new YouTube channel named markiplierGAME in 2021 on May 26. After two years, in 2014, his channel got famous and got listed in the Top 100 channels, and his channel was ranked at 61 number.

Fischbach was planning to shift to Los Angeles, California, to connect to other content creators. He started his famous playthrough Five Nights at Freddy and has more than 80 million views. He also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Along with his fellow YouTuber named Jenna Mae in 2015.

He participated in many fundraisers and charity live streams. Through many events, Forbes reported that he, along with his friends, raised more than $3 million.

Rise to Prominence and Larger Projects

In the years that followed, Markiplier’s channel continued to expand steadily. He entered the New Media Rock stars Top 100 Channels about two years after starting his channel, coming in at number 61. Mark co-founded the sketch comedy and music channel Cyndago in 2015 with fellow You Tubers Daniel Kyre and Ryan Magee. Later on, Matt Watson joined the channel. However, after Daniel Kyre passing, Cyndago was dissolved. As a result, Markiplier took a break for about a month. On his return, he received YouTube’s Diamond Creator Award after achieving 10 million subscribers.

Since then, Mark has received numerous honours for his gaming prowess and other accomplishments, including the Golden Joystick Award for Best Streamer/Broadcaster in 2017. He joined Endeavour 2016, a renowned talent and media firm headquartered in California. Additionally, he collaborated with Ethan Nestor, nicknamed Crank Gameplays, on the Unus Annus channel and YouTube Originals’ A Date with Markiplier. To create Unus Annus, the pair uploaded a video daily for a year before deactivating the channel. 4.58 million People subscribed to it throughout its one-year lifespan.

Career and Achievements

A YouTube user named Markiplier started an account in 2012. He first meant to utilize his YouTube account to publish materials connected to his doodles, but he soon started posting materials connected to video games instead. Markiplier game is a gaming channel he started on YouTube after his primary channel disabled his absence account. In addition, he started producing “Five Nights at Freddy’s” material, which was warmly appreciated by viewers and raised the popularity of his YouTube channel.

Before becoming a co-owner, he was a failing You Tuber in the beginning. In addition to his popular podcast, he also has a YouTube channel where he does interviews with other powerful people. Together with fellow you Tuber Jacksepticeye, he launched a clothing line. His YouTube channel currently has over 33 million subscribers. Besides his work in theatre, he has expertise in film and television. His first significant film appearance was in “Smosh: The Movie,” released in 2015. He has been nominated for and won several awards for his efforts. He won the Best Streamer/Broadcaster at the 2018 Golden Joystick Awards. He also received the Make-A-Wish Foundation celebration’s Celebrity of the Year award. As soon as he reached 10 million subscribers, he received the diamond button for his channel.

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Personal Life

Fischbach was in quite a long relationship with his friends named Amy Nelson. The couple started dating when they were in college in 2015, and it is still unknown whether their relationship would lead them to marriage or not. As of both, Fischbach is living in Los Angeles, California.

Appearance and Body Measurements

The actual height of the Markiplier is 5 feet and 10 inches, whereas in centimetres is about 177 cm. In addition to that, the height meter is 1.77 m. This may show that Markiplier has tall and slim. Then moving upon the weight of Markiplier, she weighs upto a 79 kg, which can be expressed in pounds as 175 lbs.

Markiplier was too smart with a handsome face, which sometimes looked attractive to most. Markiplier has short hair with smooth and shiny brown. And then, moving further to the eyes of Markiplier, it looks more gorgeous with pleasant full looking. The shoe size of Markiplier is 9 US, and the dress size is about 4 US. Tattoos are not in Markiplier’s body parts, and we can’t express as much confidence.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Markiplier, a well-known voice actor, comedian, actor, and most importantly, a YouTube personality, is around $35 million.

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