Marguerite Whitley Net Worth, Career and Personal Life

On 20th March of 1949, Marguerite Whitley took birth in Los Angeles, California, USA. This Virgo lady is a businesswoman who was formerly employed at a commercial store- Walmart. She entered the limelight after being associated with the American NFL personality, footballer, and actor OJ Simpson. He is Whitley’s ex-husband who even made it to the front-page of news after being suspected as the murderer of his second ex-wife.

Upbringing and Education

Marguerite was raised by her parents in Los Angeles itself. She belongs to African-American origin and holds the nationality of America. No details about her parents or siblings are known to the public since she keeps her personal life private. Upon matriculation, she furthered her studies by enrolling at the University of Southern California (USC), the same university that OJ Simpson was enrolled at.

Lifestyle and career details of Marguerite Whitley

Marguerite attended a high school in Los Angeles, where students from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds taught her to speak and write proficient English. After graduating high school, she enrolled at the University of Southern California, which O.J. Simpson attended. She had just severed ties with Al Cowlings, who had been her college boyfriend. As a result of being asked to drive her home from a party, O.J. developed a strong relationship with her.

Even though they had known each other for quite some time at that point, it was during this time that they finally became close. Following the dissolution of her engagement to Cowlings in 1967, she became engaged to him just three short months after their first meeting. At the time, the majority of his renown stemmed from his accomplishments at the university level.

After finishing her formal schooling, she devoted most of her post-graduate career to working for Walmart. As their marriage progressed, it is reasonable to assume that she profited from her husband’s success in the NFL and that they participated in his financial success. She was the rightful successor to the family firm, and as such, she received financial gain from the inheritance.

Relationships and married life of Marguerite Whitley

During the period of Marguerite’s graduation, she was in a serious relationship with Al Cowlings, her college companion. Intriguingly, her ex-husband OJ and Al Cowlings were friends, and one day after an evening party Al asked OJ to drop her home. This was perceived as the outset of their growing friendship. Prior to that, they didn’t try to connect but it was when the relationship between Al and her did not work out, she started dating OJ Simpson. The young couple exchanged rings in the year 1967 only, after 3 months of their dating history. In those days, Mr. Simpson was comparatively not known to the public or media since he was just a university football player.

OJ Simpson: A brief introduction

OrenthalJames Simpson was born on July 9, 1947. Initially, he was raised by his parents Eunice (a hospital administrator)and Jimmy Lee Simpson (a chef and bank custodian) in San Francisco, CA. His father was a drag queen, who later suffered from AIDS, and before his demise, he shared that he is not a straight person but gay.OJ grew up in very troubled circumstances, getting involved in a mob. Once, he was advised by Willie Mays, a professional baseball player to get into sports. OJ went to Galileo High School and was a part of its football club. Upon matriculation, he attended the City College of San Francisco. OJ was excellent in sports and athletics and possessed extraordinary talents. This, he continued playing for colleges. Thereafter, he got registered at the University of Southern California (USC), because of their incredible team and excelled there also, establishing his career in sports.

That Famous Murder Trial

Simpson established a career in theatre following his retirement from football. There, he met Nicole Brown, who would later become his second wife when he divorced Whitley. Because of OJ’s well-known history of violent behaviour, the couple’s marriage was placed under significant hardship. They divorced in 1992, citing their inability to resolve marital differences amicably as the primary factor in their decision to do so. The duo gained notoriety for their obsessive behaviours both during and after their time together as a couple.

In 1994, their dead corpses and a friend’s dead bodies were found outside her apartment block in Los Angeles. The level of suspicion surrounding him concerning the crime was so severe that he even sought to evade the authorities. His arrest and the ensuing trial were the topics of enormous media attention because of his renown and the interest it garnered from people all over the globe. Even though most jurors believed he was guilty, their opinions diverged after being told he was found not guilty. Nevertheless, this was not the end of his issues; he was subsequently arrested for robbery and given a 33-year sentence; he was eventually paroled in 2017 after serving almost nine years of his sentence; however, this was not the end of his problems.

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Personal details of Marguerite Whitley

At the age of two, one of Whitley and Simpson’s three children, the youngest of the three by two years, passed away as a result of drowning. They were married for 12 years when his romance with Nicole Brown, a server at a nightclub, caused a rift in their marriage. Nicole Brown worked at the club. Following her divorce, Whitley began a relationship with Rudolph Lewis, who later became the transportation superintendent. In 1986, Whitley wed again. After going through her second divorce in 1992, she started dating furniture dealer Anthony Thomas and the two of them were married the following year. They became a pair then and have been together ever since.

Income Stream and Net Worth

Marguerite Whitley receives her primary source of income from her inherited family business. She owns a net worth of $250,000. Apart from her running business, she also had accumulated an amount of $26,000 from her divorce agreement with him, additionally $1,500 as matrimonial proceedings and child care.

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